A Legend is born in MLB....Umpire CB Bucknor

https://www.yahoo.com/sports/news/call- … 35406.html

Link didn’t work . . . try this one:

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/cb-bucknor … RzZWMDc2M-

Both links work for me, and they are to two different articles.

Yesterday, the link in the OP did not work for me; the second link (the one I provided) had a follow up story, as well as a link to the first story that did work.

Ah, the mysteries of the interwebs.

Almost as bad as Don Dinkinger that gave the kansas city royals a world championship*

*not legitimate :mrgreen:

Aw, get over it. The passed ball and dropped foul popup had something to do with it too.