A Kind Of Op Ed

All of us here are fans. Some have a different outlook, such as they accept the losses with the wins all the same. Some hate losing, but shrug their shoulders and keep their opinion to themselves. Some only boast when we are winning. And some cannot stand sub-par, embarrassing, and dreadful performances from our team that is the identity of the state. Folks pay good money to come see our teams. Many of them travel around the country, and the world to cheer them on. We buy the hats, shirts, jackets, hoodies, and apparel to show our support.

Everyone has a opinion, thought, and feeling that they express in their own way. That is what is great about this country. And it’s also great that we have avenues like this site that allows us to express our feelings and thoughts. I feel the true fans and supporters are here for the most part.

Nobody here is a snowflake, and if you put out an opinion, or feeling here, you should be able to without the personal attacks. Sometimes it goes too far. I don’t make it personal. I got carried away once or twice after I got attacked, I got reeled in, and I watched my language after that.

The same goes for our media members. More so actually. If you publish things that people use as news, or information, you never know what can be thrown your way. Your words are taken as truth and gospel when it gets printed, either on paper or digitally. It’s scrutinized. That’s your job. But, if someone disagrees with you, that doesn’t mean they are attacking you. As long as you don’t name call, or use bad language toward that person, you guys are open to it all. You accepted that when you took the job. That’s part of being in the media.

The bullying, the baiting, and the insults, are not needed. Again, we’re all fans. Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t make you or them any less of one.

Woo Pig.

Elmo, I partially agree with you. I agree attacks aren’t needed, but many on here are NOT Razorback fans, they are trolls from other programs that only show up after losses to complain and stir the pot. I know for a fact one guy that is posting is a Red Wolves fan who is on here to stir the pot, and he has admitted it.

I also, know you have said several times that you only post facts, that were very easily disproved. Now, I’m not gonna call you a troll, but when you only bash the team and coaches and you claim to post facts that are very easily disproved it makes one wonder.