A joke students not on floor

Just turned on the Auburn-Alabama game. Even Auburn has sense enough to seat students right on the floor, where TV can show them cheering like crazy. Similar to Cameron Indoor. I know our students do a great job, but no one sees it on TV. I really think that would be wise.


I totally agree that’s why it sounds twice as loud there as it does at BW

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The TV directors can put mikes and turn it up or down wherever they want for the sound. I don’t believe it’s louder than BWA anywhere else in SEC.

What it sounds like on TV is not reality. What it sounds like in the building is reality.

What it looks like on TV is much different. Now what you want to see might be different if there were students on the edge of court.

Trust me, you can’t hear yourself think in BWA.


Clay, yes, my comments are more directed at the optics. BWA is very loud. But you don’t see the loudness or the rowdiness during the game. It’s off camera. The grandmas in 1994-era Razorback sweaters and fat middle aged and older men (like me) don’t really juice it up all that much.

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See the loudness? That is visual.

FYI, there are Gucci seats between students and floor at Auburn.

And students are in same area at BWA just not on the camera side. And they are in 1/2 of one end zone and band is on the floor but not in your sight.

Trust me it’s loud. And a lot more fans in BWA.

You just don’t see it on TV. You do feel it and hear it and see the students on the court at BWA. The students are really loud at BWA just not on the side you see on camera.


All I will say is, WE have tradition in basketball, and Auburn does not, nor will they ever. Basketball is an afterthought at Auburn. It is NOT here. Signing Pearl to a lifetime contract shows just how desperate they are to be relevant. Everyone knows he is a sweaty POS who cheats. The bodies will eventually be unearthed, and the stench will live forever.

Would I like for our students to ring the court at The Bud…of course, but we still have an awesome environment, and plenty of people who have paid a lot of money (through good and bad) to keep their seats. I like what Muss is doing by buying up un-used seats. I guarantee it will pay dividends when Auburn, Kentucky, Tennessee, and LSU come to town, and the joint will be rocking! Go Hogs!


Bruce Pearl is scum but ncaa loves him. He’s untouchable, basically.

Well, he is effective:

He’s a fat buffoon lol but the ncaa loves him for some reason. Probably becuz he’s a fat buffoon lol

The NCAA loves cheaters like pearl for one reason. Money. He puts butts in seats and eyes on TV screens. As for cheating, since when has the NCAA ever really cared? Yeah. Never.

I think they put those mics right there in the student section to make you think it’s extremely loud because they are having a great season… I don’t know anything about production and how it works but the crowd at BW needs to be heard at it’s loudest to let people know that there’s not a better home court in the country.


At least Pearl has better moves than Brian Kelly. :flushed::rofl:


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