A.J Derby got traded to Denver

He came into the NFL as a 6th round draft choice, and got traded to Denver for a 5th round pick in next year’s draft, so some body saw some value for a guy stuck behind an All-Pro and a former Pro Bowler in New England.

Derby had played really well in the pre-season, and that was apparently enough to convince the Broncos to make the deal. The Broncos have not been getting much production from their TEs, so this could be a good opportunity for Derby.

I saw AJ in the game Sunday against the Steelers. Didn’t have any catches this season and apparently played mostly on special teams. No tackles recorded on special teams though. But he had a good preseason with 15 catches and I guess impressed the Broncos enough to give up a 5th-round pick for him. Good for AJ – and for Calli. Broncos have four tight ends on the roster now, but their three TEs combined have 17 catches through seven games. I get the impression they want him to come in and catch some balls. (They released a safety to make room for him on the roster)

Cool - I like that

I bet both AJ and Calli like Denver. I guess that’s closer to home. I know his father in-law, Scott Berna. I think they are all happy for this trade.

Gary Kubiak told AJ they had been trying to get him all season.

I spent some time listening to the local sports radio while in Denver last week. Most there were pretty skeptical of the move - not that Denver traded for a tight end, but that it gave up a fifth round pick for a player who has never caught a pass. I’m not sure if he was targeted, but he didn’t record any stats yesterday.