A ittle birdie says press conference at 4....Kiffin new coach

We shall see.

4 today. As in 25 minutes?

Excuse me, team meeting at 4.

Richard has been talking about that for a few days. But nobody knows what exactly will be said. Or how much will be said.

That would be nice to get it over with!

They would alert the media a few hours before if a PC was going to be called.

So I’m guessing the 4p.m. meeting is just Yurachek with the team as planned?

Looks like the little bird crapped on someone’s window. :rofl:

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There is no press conference at 4. The players are meeting right now at the football building.

My little birdie says he will be announced(introduced to the team?). I"m just throwing it out there. My source has been right more often than not through the years. Lets just see. I’m not presenting as fact.

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Sure hope it’s Kiffin. That would be great!


Yurachek was not at the meeting. It was an academic meeting for players. Finals begin in a little over a week.

Man, I hate that…was hoping for Kiffin. Still could happen. Go Hogs!