A guy to keep an eye on

is 2019 WR Nnamdi Adim-Madumere, 6-3, 230 of Ft. Worth Southwest HS. ’ Mark Smith was there today.

An offer might be on it’s way.

He’s ran a 21.9 FAT in the 200 meters at 230 pounds. WOW.

Ft Worth Southwest Coach Rob Goebel said he’s coached several NFL players, including Joey Porter, but Adim-Madumere could be the best. He calls him a freak.

When he got the job, he saw Adim-Madumere running around and catching passes and told him he didn’t recall seeing him on film. Adim-Madumere told he played OT as a freshman and come to find out he was an all conference O-lineman.

Goebel told him that was the last year he would play on the offensive line and the rest is history. Most of the college coaches don’t see Adim-Madumere playing beyond his junior year.

Richard, please explain this. Does this mean he will forego his senior year by reclassifying so he can enroll early? Are his grades good enough for that?

Sorry, I meant his junior year in college.

Gotcha. Thanks for reply.

My fault there. Totally understand why you asked the question.

Richard what offers does he currently have? Thanks

I think I want this guy for his name alone.

He’d have to develop a nickname. Not sure I could spit that out every time.

ESPN profile:
http://www.espn.com/college-sports/foot … m-madumere

Sorry on my phone.