A great Super Bowl

When you have a guy that can extend a play or take a covered up play, and with great composure run the ball on a busted play for 25 yards or whatever it was to essentially win the game, you have a great weapon.

It’s always the best running play in football, the QB coverage or busted play or extended play keeper. Best running play there is, because it based on his vision awareness, feel, instincts, abilities, not anything drawn up.

Oh man, can he make up some routes!!! He ran one that it was a short slant, crossing post go route, or something, but it was fast and ended up with a LB falling down and a safety going the wrong way and he was wide open in the middle of the field. The guy is amazing. Space finder. Quickly.

Those WR in motion roll back routes on each side of the field in the red zone were beautiful. Andy is a great coach. Has great instincts and gives his players tons of freedom as well as drawing up stuff like these 2 plays for TDs.

I have no dog in this fight, I’m a Steeler fan, but I thought he hard checked him, to slow him down and held him twice. I thought it was an easy call. I get it, they wrap around hold didn’t look like much but it was, Jersey pull was easy to call. I would want it if it’s Hogs.

Patrick won won the game with the scramble. It was over after that.

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It was a hold. The guy who held (James Bradberry) admitted it afterward. If you’re gonna call it with 7 minutes left in the second quarter, you gotta call it at the end. Otherwise the end of the game becomes 22 guys committing penalties because the refs are swallowing their whistles.

Looks like a handful of jersey to me.

Same applies for hoops, by the way. Officials “not deciding the game” end up, you got it, deciding the game.

And it was a great Supe. I really didn’t care who won, I just enjoyed good football.


My favorite part of the Super Bowl was Chris Stapleton. And the Breaking Bad PopCorners commercial. It was so funny.

Those change of direction routes are impossible to cover especially in the red zone.
That is why I would hope we would look at this game and implement some of these things that are not very hard to implement.

The defense is going to have to give you something, it’s just a matter of you taking what they’re going to give you and not get greedy. That’s exactly what Kansas City did because they knew they weren’t going to have time to throw the ball deep.

Reid was great. I thought Hurts outplayed Mahomes, except for the fumble. Yes, that is a big except.

What I saw also happens in other levels of football as well as other sports. This may have been a penalty by ruling, but it was the first time a flag was thrown for it during this game…in the 58th minute. That same amount of holding likely happened on more than one occasion prior to, yet it went uncalled. If they’re not going to call it in with 7 minutes left in the second quarter, you don’t call it at the end.

It would be similar to basketball refs allowing hand-checking the entire game, then calling it in the last 2 minutes.

I picked the Eagles and wanted them to win. Sadly it was holding and should have been called. They may not always see it but they should call it when they see it. The D back knew he did it.

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The d back grabbed the receiver twice right in front of the official and admitted it later. It was holding . Chiefs win.

For me, it was Rihanna. It was a stunning performance. Her show is what I will remember over Eagles losing.


Chris Stapleton did the best anthem since Whitney.
Simply beautiful.


I knew of him but really haven’t listened to his music but he’s extremely talented.

It showcased his talent and happy for him but I hate when people individualize the national anthem. I’m not a fan of an artist being the only person singing the anthem in a stadium of 80-90K. I believe the national anthem is for everyone to sing.

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I don’t like it when artists are over the top and make the anthem about them, but I don’t think Chris could have sung it any other way. Curious what Maestro thought of the music yesterday.

It was a blatant, obvious hold that impeded the WR’s route. If you don’t call that (mainly because it hurts YOUR team), scrap all the rules and lets play with Gladiator’s rules.

I see all the talk about that one call but that’s not what beat the Eagles. The Eagles got beat by fumble recovery for a touchdown and a very poor special teams punt return that gave Chiefs another score that’s 14 points they handed them… The Chiefs deserve to win the game, they played better and I’m glad they won to be honest even though I thought Philly would beat them by 10. Philadelphia was their own worst enemy.

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Agree, the QB fumble that was returned for a TD ultimately proved to be decisive. I was continually blown away by incredible plays from both teams. This was the only NFL game I watched since the last SB.

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