A great Super Bowl

A shame it was ruined by a bad holding call on the Eagles. Should have been a no call. this would have allowed Philly to get the ball with a minute and a half.

They would have still kicked a field goal and won it. Don’t get hung up on that play. The Chiefs had em.


Chiefs were the better team in all areas of the game and why they won it,every phase contributed in the win…Great Job.

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There was talk about the Philly Kelce at center. He’s good. But Creed Humphrey was awesome at center for Chiefs. I watched him on replays. He was terrific.

Chiefs DL did a great job of controlling that run game that was a big factor because it kept the Eagles from controlling the clock more.

I am not a fan of either team but that call ruined a great game. It took away. the opportunity for Hurts to answer and he was also hard to stop. I wanted the drama to continue and refs changed the potential outcome.

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That 3rd down penalty call altered any realistic outcome to this game other than a Chiefs win.
IMO it should’ve been a no call, Chiefs kick the FG and let the game play out over the last minute and a half.
I believe the NFL got the outcome it wanted.

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Oh come on, that was an Eagle fumble they called an incomplete pass!

The Chiefs were the better team tonight.Every phase of the game contributed to the win. The defense had a touchdown, special teams set up an easy touchdown. Philadelphia did a good job of beating themselves by not being sound in all areas of the game. You can’t give up a fumble return for a touchdown and a long punt return and win many games especially when you’re playing a team the caliber of Kansas City

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Also, the KC offensive line held up. Eagles rush got quite a few sacks this year, but don’t know that they didn’t get to Patrick tonight.

Big Time kudos to Andy Reid who called an absolutely incredible game.

He established Kelsey early in the game and got them so focused on him that they left everybody else open and Andy Reid burned their tail because of it

We would be very wise to look at the game plan that was established tonight that was a thing of brilliance… He’s the best play caller in the game.


Game plans match your players. Reid has GREAT weapons, especially at QB and tight end. You gotta get a tight end to use that game plan.

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I think we’re bringing in a couple of very good ones.esoecially Hasz who was voted a top five player in the under armor All-Star Game for what he did in practices.

None of them are Kelce. Yet.

The way Mahommes and Kelce run the option routes makes game plans much easier. They played 20 regular season games together this year? How many the last four years?

You had same thing with Brady and Gronk. They saw the defense and read it same way. Every scheme. Every coverage.

That’s the magic they have when you keep a tandem like that together.

All the Arkansas coaches at QB and TE are new. The tight ends you like are going to mostly be new. It is not easy.

Colleges get two big scrimmages in spring with about 75 plays for starters. Two in August.

What they do in the NFL is all day football.

No they definitely aren’t Travis Kelce and KJ is not Patrick Mahomes but they can be part of our offense that makes people have to be aware of them. A lot of those routes are really not hard to run it’s pretty much timing with those guys and that takes time.

I think with our new tight end Coach and Coach Enos we’re going to be using the tight end a lot more which is going to open up everything else

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That hot blonde is my super bowl winner. As in Charissa Thompson…


I doubt many can run those routes like Kelce. I am extremely doubtful. He is an amazing talent. He is a Hall of Famer. I am surprised you think that. His ability to understand coverages and pick THE route and for Mahommes to know are extremely difficult. That’s what gives Reid flexibility in designing that game plan.

We both want tight end advancement. It starts with talent. The position is a rare combination of size, speed and strength. And seasoning.

They have improved the talent in the room. They have a top shelf tight end coach and a play caller who utilized tight ends in the past. Still it won’t look like what we just saw. And I’m ok with that.

I have never coached. You have so I defer to you in what they can do.

Disappointed with that call against my Eagles, but I agree they would have kicked the field goal and won it anyway. Only thing, there may have been a little more time left for the Eagles to respond and who knows.

Anyway nice game. KC made nice adjustments at halftime and we couldn’t stop them. Proud if his Jalen drove them down and tied the game. That boy is a gamer. The vaunted defense failed us in the second half. Hats off to KC and on to next year.


Yes it’s not going to look like what Kansas City does for sure… I was saying is I would like for us to be able to use some of those short quick passes that they like to run. They knew they couldn’t throw the ball deep because Philadelphia’s great pass rush so they just nickel and dimed them to death. I hope coach Enos will help KJ be able to throw a lot of those intermediate passes to the tight end as well as running backs and receivers out in the flats that can only help him and us both.
You have seen more football than I have Clay and I trust your knowledge about as much as anybody know so you definitely do not have to defer to me LOL. It’s always a pleasure being able to talk ball with you.

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