A grad-transfer to keep an eye on

He’s a faster, more mobile version of Cole Kelley. I suspect he’d throw 15+ INT’s playing an SEC schedule. I’d rather take my lumps with Noland and Jefferson next year.

I think it’s fair to say he’s on the radar. Not saying he’s coming, but one to watch.

Tyree Jackosn Highlights.


more realistic look at him against Temple a good defense He has a great arm but will take chances and not always great decision making probably why his % is not great and Int are up a little. would like to have him and see what CCM can do with him

I just don’t see how you could be comfortable with the status quo at quarterback and not work to improve at the spot.

I think Connor and KJ and JSJ all have great potential, but I wouldn’t just be satisfied with potential if I am trying to take a jump at the spot next season.

The only thing encouraging in the returning QB’s at Arkansas is Noland and Jones MAY have the potential to improve to SEC caliber at QB. I don’t see any potential for Storey to reach that level. His accuracy and arm strength just seem to have plateaued at a not very good level. Otherwise, his tenacity, toughness, smartness, leadership, etc. is great, but you have to be an accurate passer in this offense and, with this line, you better have great “escapability”. They need all that right away which is why a grad transfer is still being sought.

One thing I’ve noticed while watched Jackson’s clips also, is that his receivers drop the ball pretty often. Something you see a lot with a huge arm like that.

#83 is his go to target, and is an absolute stud. Looks like he will play in Sunday’s.

An older QB is needed. I don’t understand the ones who don’t want added conpetition in the QBs room. We saw very limited time of Noland this year, he’s got a good arm and mobility but we have no clue if he will be a good SEC qb. JSJ isn’t an SEC caliber qb, don’t understand that either.

Kj is going to be a true freshman behind the learning curve. We need all the competition we can get so we aren’t stuck with inexperienced or an undertalented qb, again.

This - this staff, this program, this fanbase, and this state need to see considerable progress next year and to have a chance of achieving that they MUST be much better at the QB position.

If we can get either one of these guys we are much better as a team.

I think it is fair to say Arkansas has already made phone contact with Tyree Jackson to gage his leval of interest in the Razorbacks.

It should be noted that Wimbush is a career 50% passer at Notre Dame, which is much of why he lost the job to Ian Book. Makes plays with his feet but the accuracy has been suspect. Still, the mobility IMO makes him an upgrade and maybe the accuracy improves for his final year.

We need a playmaker at QB, a multi- capable weapon at QB. We needed it a decade ago. I have grown weary of game managers.

Of all the names mentioned as a transfer graduate, I like this kid best. His biggest fault to me is he never wants to throw it out of bounds when nobody is open. He will make risky throws under presser, which likely accounts for the high interception rate. That is fixable.

His footwork and release also needs some attention. A good QB coach can address and correct that.

it will be what the offensive cordinator and the head coach want and storey only has had 1 year of offense with the Razorbacks and very little with the former coach

The article said that he’s a projected top 20 QB if he declared early. That’s a huge upgrade from cole kelly

I still think qb is a moot point if we field the same quality oline as last year. That being said, I would take this guy for sure, more competition the better.

I don’t mind the Int’s, If the goal was to win with the fewest points possible then it’s a bigger deal. We need guys that take shots. When the goal is as many points as possible, it’s a little more forgiving.