A grad-transfer to keep an eye on

https://buffalonews.com/2018/12/26/ub-q … transfers/

You know if he has any interest in Arkansas?

“If you’re not accurate and you can’t make good decisions, you’re wasting everybody’s time. Someone will take you because you’re big and strong, but your future is limited unless you’re very accurate. And you’ve got to make good decisions.”

That does not sound like a ringing endorsement for an RPO QB.

After reading the article completion percentage isn’t real good less than 60% and states he needs to develop skills creating out of the pocket. Three 12 interceptions in 14 games. Strong arm and big at 6’7" that’s his upside. Sounds a lot like Ty. MAC vs SEC those stats would be much different.

I would not be so quick to dismiss him as an option. He would bring a lot of experience with some plus athletic ability.

He’s started about 30 games at Buffalo, has thrown for over 300 yards in a game multiple times, and has almost 7,000 yards passing in his career. His career TD/INT is 49/24.

He does have ability to make plays with his feet, especially when you throw out lost yardage for sacks. He’s scored 16 TDs rushing in three years, and that includes some long runs.

http://www.ubbulls.com/sports/fball/201 … eer&pos=qb

You realize there is a NFL scout talking about his NFL potential… Which of our current quarterbacks are in any discussion about NFL potential?

He’s an upgrade to what we have. With good coaching could be a nice NFL prospect.

Definitely mobile enough, go watch his 75yd run td if you need some visual evidence. He’s athletic. Huge arm.

good looking athlete but Buffalo is a long way from Ark.

I think it’s noteworthy to keep an eye on any grad-transfer but I like this guy.

Richard, thoughts on Winbush?

Does that mean he is on the radar, or is this just your opinion?

Appropriately he and Tarvaris Jackson have the same arm…

I really like this guy.

I like winbush

With the offensive line problems we have Winbush looks to me to be the better option because of his mobility

I’d take this guy or Winbush either one.

Take either one and be thrilled to do so

Also would take either.

Honestly don’t even have a preference.

Whoever has to be an upgrade or there is no need to get him. I think either one, Winbush or this fellow, would be an upgrade.

All of the recruiting services have put out the same article, so yes he is on the radar.