A good surprise

I have been critical of the coaching staff and felt that they floundering. The team effort last week was bad and it seemed like we were reverting to last years form.


The team fought hard all day and there were times that they could have checked out and just gone through the motions. That did not happen. We responded to adversity by tightening our chin straps and playing harder.

The coaches play calling was much better and the execution by the the team was much better. The coaches had the team ready to play.

I realize that we are young and will continue to make some mistakes. As long as the effort is good and we don’t make the mistake over and over again, I think that this team will continue to grow and will win another game or two. While a bowl bid is still unlikely, the growth of the team will be evident and should bode well for next season.

Again, congratulations to both the team and the coaches.

Good post! My hope now is to begin finding consistency in our efforts instead of the roller coaster they have been on. Inconsistency is a symptom of youth, inexperience and the injuries that can cause a team all the symptoms to plague a team. If we can get healthy and stay that way for the most part and bring consistency each week opposing teams won’t be looking forward to seeing us show up! We proved yesterday that we can be a threat and very competitive, I want yesterday’s display of effort, fight and competitiveness to once again be the norm for our program, it’s been missing to often to long ! WPS