A Good side of The LSU Game

We took on all of their 4 & 5 * recruits with half of our team out leaving players that have played little and were for the most part not 4 or 5*. LSU “greats” are young but what the heck were The Razorbacks? Yet despite all of this, they had a real decent chance at winning the game. they had a FG shot to tie it with 1 min. left.

To me, that shows a lot and makes me feel very good about the future with this staff. I don’t know just how Sam is doing it, but I am so impressed.

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Colorado, it wont even be close when we have a few more recruits (especially O-line huh)

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Absolutely. I feel great about the future.

Another good thing about this game was the pain of losing. That’s ironic, I know, but the last two years I didn’t even get upset when we lost. I just accepted it as normal. Now that a loss is so painful, it tells me I care again & that the Hogs are relevant again.


I started a line about that very thing yesterday. It hurt again. I understood, but it still hurt.

We had a chance to win and chose to try a field goal. We should have gone for it on 4th down. What did we have to lose? We are 3-5 and staring 3-7 or 4-6 in the face.

i didn’t like the call, but let’s not act like it was a dumb call. We hadn’t converted a 3rd down all day. The field was wet. Making the 3+ yards on 4th was hardly a given & even if we’d made it, we still were not in the red zone. A made FG would’ve given us a chance in OT.

What did we have to lose? The game. Yes, we lost anyway, but we only know that because that’s what happened. Go for it & not make it, we’d be screaming about not taking the FG. Had we made the FG & won in OT, we’d have been glad he didn’t take the gamble by going for it.

We’re all batting 1.000 on our second guesses.

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Except for the FG bad decision comment, I totally agree. Go Hogs!

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