A Good Road Win

I was encouraged earlier in the season with the Hogs road Win at LSU. But, it doesn’t seem important to the pundits. What I think is important is that while we have home wins against UK, Aubie, and Tenn, we do not have a road win over a current top 20 team.

A Hog win at Tennessee would be huge.


The LSU win was big at the time because LSU was top 12 & we were just coming off a pretty bad 3 weeks. Since then LSU has fallen further in the rankings & we’ve climbed further up–now to the point where 1 win doesn’t impact things that much for us. However, I agree a win at TN would be (or should be) huge. Just seems to me it could get us a 3 seed and cement a 4 seed. That assumes NET rankings aren’t the end-all & be-all for the selection committee. (I don’t think they will be. The committee should recognize we’re better than a mere top 20 & should also recognize we’re legit top 12.)

Tennessee doesn’t have a road win over a current top 25 team either…… nor did they win on the road when the opponent was ranked at the time.

Auburn also doesn’t have a road win against a team currently in the top 25. They won at Alabama when the Tide was #24.

Kentucky won at Kansas, but The Cats haven’t won on the road in conference against a ranked team.

Tough to beat ranked teams on the road. Winning in Knoxville wouldn’t be a good road win…. it would be a great one.

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