A good defense is the key to being a good program again

in my opinion. Most teams have pretty salty offenses, but how many have butt kicking defenses? Look at Auburn…they have a mediocre offense this year, but yesterday they went down to LSU and played very well, finally losing 23-20 to one of the top 2-3 teams in the country. Auburn has a stout defensive front and just played very well. Gus knows his team and coached them about as well as he could, and they had a chance to beat LSU. Only a handful of teams could have played the Tigers that tough in that place.

My point is if you have a real good defense you can play with anybody. Auburn did it and has done it all year. Arkansas, in its best years, always had stout, hard hitting defenses. The only exception I remember is Bobby’s last year when we finished 5th in the country. We had a bone rattling offense. But Arkansas built its proud tradition in football on defense and kicking and special teams. When we had a good offense…we were really good.

Maybe, we need to find a coach who values defense or can build a defense. Maybe we need to work on building that side of the ball first. I don’t really know the answer, but I do know we haven’t had a really good defense since Ken Hatfield was here. That was also the last time we had a quality program, also.

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So True!

I’ve always said it and will always say it. Defense wins championships. Defense must be better if we want to be a better team. The top teams in the SEC play very good defense. They may have high powered offenses as well, but the defense is always good.

With today’s play off system in college if you lose a game your more than likely out. With that said no matter how good of a offense you have it will sputter and cost you a game and a playoff birth if you don’t have a exceptional defense to make a stop and get you another opportunity to score. When your weak on both sides of the ball you probably win 2/3 games a year. WPS

I agree with you guys, but find it ironic that Gus is under fire for not coaching up to his defensive teams performance. NWA fans proclamed he would save us from Nutt’s
slow ground game.

Been screaming that for so long (even longer than I have been harping on Oline). A strong defense always gives you a chance to win.

You are right about our history: Strong, FAST, hard hitting defense, solid kicking game, fundamentally sound, and solid coaching. That will win for you. What part of that do we have now?

You got to have a fast defense because so many of the offensive team are fast. You also have to have good coaches. I see our defense as not being prepared as some of the other teams we have played.

No argument that focusing on defense would move us to a level that we haven’t been to in a while. But, if the offense keeps the defense on the field with 3 and outs…interceptions etc, even the good defense will be done by the middle of third quarter.