A good coach adjusts to his talent...

So far, I am not sure CCM has done that. I understand he has a style he hangs his hat on, however these players were recruited for a different system.

He needs to make sure he doesn’t try to hammer down a square peg into a round hole and put the kids in to the best position to succeed.

Just my opinion, worth no more than yours.

I’m not sure I know enough in the 2nd game of the first season of a new staff, new Offense AND new Defense to defend or detract. The Offense change is dramatic from one end of the spectrum to the other. The talent at QB, WR and Oline is not up to any offense’s standards. The QBs were not superstars in the system they were recruited and coached in for 2-3 years, so it is not shocking to see they are not good in this one. Now we can see how much difference Austin Allen made for this offensive talent. He made them better with his quick reads, progressions, accuracy, and too good at waiting for our weak WRs to get past the 5 yds of abuse to get open.

The WRs have not been physical enough to win the first 5 yards of press coverage for 2 years and this year is no different. Pettway is one of our few that is an SEC level WR that could compete on the roster other SECW schools. Harrell is the new big tough grad transfer that has already shown the ability to get open quickly. Jordan Jones is fast but he is too weak to fight through SEC press coverage to get QUICK separation. Jordan and many of our smallish WRs are good against a zone but we won’t see much of that in SEC play.

So what kind of offense do you run in the interim when the talent doesn’t really stack up for the old style either? I think CCM needs to consider using the WILDCAT a lot, but that is probably not doable if you don’t have a RB that can pass.

What really bothered me as I saw us not take advantage of play action opportunities.we had pounded them inside so much the LB’s had to respect run 1st which would have the left the short middle of the field wide open for TE or short crossing routes…I never saw us throw a quick slant or anything that could have opened up the passing game some…

I just thought our pass game plan was really bad and if you can’t execute a pass game that against CSU then you’re in big trouble!! I loved how our OL and Backs played big time improvement but if you’re going to be 1 dimentional in this league you aren’t going to win many and we have been that in the 1st 2 games.

I saw our TE’s in max protect some so that could have impacted the ability to get good production from them in the passing game. Patton had some good targets but they were on the boundary.

Coach CCM is still figuring his own players out as well. Tape from last year in the other system really didn’t mean a whole lot in some ways, it did in others.

The first thing he said after the EI game was “We have a starting point”. I think he got even more of a clearer baseline Saturday night. We are watching him try to figure that out right now. That’s not fun and you are going to make some decisions in that phase that don’t make sense sometimes.

I’m not making excuses for anything - but I do think that is part of the context of what we are seeing. He is trying to build the future team while blending that with coaching and trying to win in the present. I don’t envy him at all.

He is going to adjust more and more to his talent but it has been really valuable to see them against other teams to see the best way to adjust. He might not have many options in some areas. That is for sure.

Great points. I didn’t consider that

CMM has to convert the program to his style of play regardless of the W/L record and players… he’s going to get more leeway now than a couple of years when he has turned the roster over to his players.

We will have to do some unorthodox stuff to compete while still installing the RPO system. We don’t have the QB talent for the system so I would use the Wildcat a lot since we are already rotating QBs.

Well, maybe someday we will have as much talent as COST.

Bottom line is QB play or lack thereof is not at a level this offense can function. The short to medium passing game is virtually non- existent.

I don’t know how it happened, but it seemed strange that we didn’t have anything in the passing game that developed quickly. Maybe CSU was taking away the slants and screens. I remember us trying a couple of screens that were covered.

I don’t know either. It was very strange you didn’t try any kind of combo routes or anything we just threw the ball out wide or sent vertical routes up the field I don’t remember seeing any Crossing routes or anything that would have been very hard to cover as good as we had ran the ball

Does the RPO action time limit the use of slants?