A good bit of chatter today here in Knoxville

around the fact that all but two UT asst coaches declined to accept a pay reduction…the two who did are former vols players. As I understand it, most other head coaches in the system - and Fulmer, took voluntary pay cuts, and this has led to a lot of fan critricism…so much so that I wonder if some of them might actually reconsider. UT athletic dept. is soldiering along about 40 million under budget and feeling the strain of that.

What is the story at Arkansas (if any) re coaching pay cuts and/or athletic budget deficits. BTW, I heard several schools around the country have asked coaches to do same, with varying degrees of participation.

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Yurachek took a 15% pay cut, and I think Pittman and the other head coaches took a 10% pay cut. From there it was based on your pay, and we also took early retirement from 16 long time athletic department employees. Every athletic department is making budget cuts, we also took out a $20M loan to make bond payments on facilities.

It was my understanding that assistant coaches salaries were reduced at Arkansas. I’ll check further Saturday.

It is probable that a fair number of the 8 assistants involved will not be around in February 2021. Some of those contracts are expiring. Given Pruitt’s knee jerk decision to fire the DL coach a few weeks ago, I can hardly blame them. Pruitt didn’t take a pay cut either, rather just postponing the $400K pay raise he was gifted with in mid-September. Fulmer’s leadership creds continue to take a beating on Rocky Top.

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Hate that for the Vols…

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Oh boy, me too.

Any athletics staffer (including head coaches and assistants) making more than $100,000 at Arkansas had their pay reduced by 10% through the end of June 2021. Yurachek took a 15% pay cut.

All bonuses earned this year are also being deferred until next year.

If they don’t start winning games, and their upcoming schedule is far from easy, they’ll be taking some involuntary “pay cuts” very soon :smile:.

Thx, So assistants agreed to pay cuts also? Didn’t sit well with fan base that while many have lost jobs and entire salaries, UT assts are holding AD to terms of their contracts.

Thanks Clay

Yep…Fulmer and Pruitt may go down in the same flames!

Because assistant coaches were under contract, they did not have to take pay cuts at Arkansas. It was voluntary. They all agreed to take the pay cuts. I confirmed that tonight in the press box at Florida.

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