A genuine question for elmo871e


Please do not interpret this post as a personal attack; I ask this question out of simple curiosity. But before I get to my question…

You’ve made it clear you do not think Chad Morris is the right coach to lead our football program at this time. My stance is that your opinion/assessment on this matter is as valid as every other poster’s on this board. And although other posters agree with your position, I am directing my question towards you, as you have been the most “vocal” in the lack of confidence concerning this hire.

It is quite easy to be proven correct in predicting a coach will be a failure if we set the definition of success high enough. For example, I would have been proven correct in stating (at the time of their hire) EVERY coach we’ve had since we joined the SEC would turn out to be a failure … if I defined success as: National Champion (BCS Champion), National Runner-Up, Playoff Team, or SEC Champions.

So now for my question: What is the minimum SPECIFICALLY-defined level of accomplishment Chad Morris must achieve that would change your opinion of him being the right coach for our program (at this time)?

Any of the four above?

SEC West Champions? (Achieved only 4 times.)

A certain SEC record %?

A certain SEC West record %?

A certain Overall Record %?

A combination of any/all of the above?


I think the first thing that needs to happen is that they are prepared to play, and play hard for 4 quarters. That’s the first thing our coach is paid to do.

We have not seen that yet. That’s a start. Then we can talk about the rest.

Hopefully we get that tonight.

I’m sure that you care just as much about the state of the football program as the next fan. We have to give these guys (coaches) a chance (couple of seasons) to see how they do. Its the only option available to us

While I appreciate the thoughtful reply Elmo, I think you dodged a golden opportunity to lay out your expectations. I feel this was a very politcal, coach-speak response. I’m not saying you’re wrong about the 4 quarters of hard football, though.