A fun story about a Razorback fan

I was told about Ty Galyean earlier this fall. I had fun writing this column. He’s a great Razorback fan and a great leader. He’s making Rogers proud and giving Razorback fans a good name everywhere he goes.

I learned a lot about West Point from one of my fishing buddies, Bruce Ritter, a West Point grad and former Army Ranger. He explained Sprint football.

Bruce and I traveled to fish in Pennsylvania last year and he also gave me a special tour of the battlefield at Gettysburg. When you are a West Point student, you study Gettysburg. Bruce was involved in some of the recruiting of Ty to West Point. He helps “sell” West Point when there are interested local students in Northwest Arkansas. Bruce is a retired logistics engineer from P&G.

I’m hopeful to get notes from Ty when he goes to far away out posts. It will probably go something like this: How about those Hogs! I will try to get him a subscription to our magazine as he travels the world as he flies attack helicopters.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … est-point/

Clay, is he related to Beau Galyean who played golf at the U of A? I used to show horses with Beau’s father (Jody) and grandfather (Kenneth). Kenneth still lives in Hiwassee.

Great story Clay. I really enjoyed reading about this young man. What these kids go thru in our service academies is amazing & is something we all can be proud of, athlete or not!

Thanks Clay. I had never heard of Sprint football before. Young men and women like Ty are our future leaders. Real warriors, real hero’s. Blessings to all of them.

I didn’t know about sprint football either. I’d like to go to a game, but it’s played a long way from here and I’m kind of busy that time of year.

Those cadets were winners before college.
I enjoyed the article immensely. I read it aloud to my wife. She has a teacher cohort whose two twin sons graduated from the Naval Academy and both were at such a high level that both went to medical school
One went to Johns Hopkins and the other
went to Mayo.They are brilliant and disciplined beyond imagination. Their father also graduated from Navy and is a long time pilot for Delta.

I knew they had some kind of football with a weight limit but I don’t know if I’d heard it called sprint football.

Ty is a great young man. My younger son and Ty graduated together at Rogers and they played sports together. None of this surprises me about him.

Jean Ann, my wife, taught Ty in the 7th grade. She said he was a cut above everyone then, too. Like LoudLoyd, she is not surprised at the success Ty has had at West Point.