A flexible head coach?!?!?

Loved Tom’s article today on CSP’s Druthers.

We have had discussions on this board repeatedly over the years about HC’s and their style vs their players. I LOVE how CSP discusses times to play bully ball and time to RPO. loved how he discussed that he wants bigger OL, but right now we’d have to pull OL, get to the edge quickly, etc.

I never felt that CBP or Chad ever did this-Rather, they tried to implement their system regardless of players, and had to really turn over roster to be try and be successful. CBP was able to do this until he lost all his assistants, Chad never did much of anything.

Long way to go here, but I really like how our coach talks.


None of this matters until we find a QB. And KJ is so far off that we may have to get another transfer QB in here. And the asst coaches are critical. We must have development. And a RB.

He’s talking the talk it seems to have meaning coming from him,I’m concerned with the expectations becoming unreasonable to soon. We are in the infancy of CSP era and there will be growing pains no doubt, but so far this feels right. A good sign will be surrounding himself with a solid staff and managing to getting the recruiting class solidified. WPS

Key is how does SP recruit over the next 30 days—Staff is the critical one and players to fill this class out with the late start are a close second. Gotta close the deal.

After watching Ty Storey struggle under Morris’ coaching and then thrive under a better coach while running the same offensive system, I have hopes that Jefferson will progress much more quickly now. Our QB problems have more to do with the O-line struggles and their previous coaches than it does lack of talent. They may can fix Starkel as well.

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Good point, indecision by Morris to choose a QB and stick with him was part of the problem. When your dividing reps in practice between 2/3 QBs none are getting the number of reps needed to make improvements or build confidence. Storey looked very good against us and played much better than our QBs no doubt. Just think if CCM had beat WKY there’s a very good possibility he would continue to be our coach, Ty Storey may have helped the Razorbacks more by defeating us than he did while he was playing for us. WPS

Thank you Ty!

Plenty of freshmen and sophomore qbs play in this league. Your perception of KJ may be true or it may just be a consequence of the former coaching staff. Maybe he’s closer than you think, or even ready, under the new staff.

london, do you think KJ had good coaching this year?