A fight under the Friday night lights

In Helena during a scrimmage with Newport. Apparently it was really ugly. Both sides pointing fingers at the other. Anyone have any insight on what happened?

Just a misunderstanding.

Hmmm. Video is age restricted. Probably too much violence and salty language for my young eyes and ears to absorb. RD do you see the AAA getting involved in this?

No clue. I checked with a few people and they didn’t know how it all went down.

I watched it on YouTube. Pretty good punches, helmets thrown action. What amazes me is why kids take their helmets off when these things start. Actually brawling like that amazes me. Sad.

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I don’t think the Helena Central Cougars have won a game since the 5th game of the 2019 season. Kind of surprising to see that much fight in them. Probably a good thing the Dawson kid from Newport had graduated a few decades ago.

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Dumb, undisciplined and high testosterone.

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