A few years ago

several people use to do breakdowns of the mistakes of the Arkansas offense and defense personnel supposedly made in games.

I’m not saying the coaches can’t have bad game plans or decisions during games but I remember an offensive lineman getting raked over the coals for what appeared to be a missed block that lead to a sack.

A staff member reached out to me to say it wasn’t the O-lineman but the running back who was blame. The O-lineman was blasted by the media and fans when it wasn’t his fault.

Just saying what appears to be obvious, isn’t always the case.


Which is why I seldom say anything about players. Green’s bumble today was obvious, as was KJ’s leap from 3 yards out.

When you see what teams like Bama, Georgia, and Florida do with having so many analysts to disect literally everything, Arkansas is at a disadvantage in game planning based on pure resources alone.

I used to like petrinos tv show where he would break down the game film. Does Sam do anything like that? I’d like to see his thought process and evaluation of our game plan execution


He does not. I don’t think we’ll ever see coaches shows like that again, unfortunately.

I loved Broyles show. And, even though he was wooden, I liked the content of Petrino’s. Holtz sometimes had some insight he shared.

Love Pittman, but the show is mainly fluff.

Too many posters/fans watch from their recliner and don’t see the bigger picture. While I don’t like them, sitting up top at RRS (or Jerry’s World, for anotehr example) lets you see things you normally don’t see.

Exhibit A for me: the 4th and Goal after the rather bad throw by Malik in the flat for a TD. I don’t believe Malik had a “keep it” option. He would have walked in, but I don’t think the staff wanted him taking hits on the goal line ala KJ. And, a staffer might shake their head and say, “see? there they go again!” because I get it wrong on that play. I just saw Malik not read the CB who crashed and there was no “pause” or fake execution like there is on other option reads.

Yep many times my OL blocked the play perfectly and had a good hole but the running back saw something different and went to what he thought was greener pastures only to find out wasn’t very green at all LOL

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This is a good point. Muss has a much bigger staff than Coach Richardson did. Times change. If Sam needs more staff to win, I guarantee money will not be an issue. I assume all he has to do is ask?

I’m not sure that’s the case. I think Arkansas is pretty good staffing wise. Staffing had steadily gone up since Petrino. It’s crazy to think back but under Petrino you had Chip Long and Marty Biagi as GAs. That was basically it.

Staffing started to increase under Brett and has risen since. Is Arkansas Bama level, probably not but it’s light years since Petrino.

Fortin had a better run option than his missed pass to Landry, is there a coaching bias or do players not see the option if there is a run/pass option for that play. Yesterday, the most successful short endzone passes in similar situations across the country were throwbacks all the way across the endzone i.e. to the left if rolling right and to the right if rolling left. Most common target was TE dragging. We truly failed the full house short handoff to Sanders from Fortin. If we fired out on the OL then we were stuffed, if not then I saw no cutback or straight ahead hole.

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