A few tidbits

They took today off but will practice Tuesday and off again for media day on Wednesday.

The four bigs still battling for a spot or two.

Hogs hope to get Devo Davis back for practice this week.

The bigs are definitely in a battle. Brazile is gonna play a lot, but the twins, Graham, and Kamani looked really solid.

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I just wonder how Muss is gonna keep everyone happy this year. So much talent on this team and there are only so many minutes to split up in a game. We will be left with good talent sitting on the bench. I hope that doesn’t cause any issues… though winning does cure a lot of things. Lets hope this team wins a lot.

Players decide playing time. It’s not about keeping anyone but the coach happy.


And, Clay, a lot of that playing time is depending upon working hard in practice?

The old word “ Earn it” comes to mind!

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It always is - with any coach in any sport.


Clay, surely you also recognize to some degree it is about keeping the players happy, or at least hopeful. The coach is the one in charge with all of the accountability and HUGE paycheck to be a leader. Leadership is so crucial to success. And it is more than rolling the ball out there and saying “earn it.” He has to inspire and motivate and… ya ok touchy feely happy feelings aren’t the top priority, but he has to keep everyone pulling in the same direction so to speak. Basketball should be a joy and you have to love the game to work hard. I don’t know how Muss does it with his track record of playing a very short rotation of 7-8 guys and also a record of having a turnstile for his roster every year replacing guys that don’t cut it with new transfers that he likes better every year, as he’s said, like it’s coaching in the G league.

Anyways it’s something I’ve been curious about from the perspective of psychology, how to motivate, and how be a people leader. I’d like to know muss’s perspective and with all his success if he has any more insights other than its not my job to make them happy it’s the players job to earn it.

Has Duke ever played more than 8 players? If you want to win you have to play the best players no matter what. The day you play players just to make them happy is the day you start losing.

This is big boy basketball. Muss recruits you and puts a first class staff around you to give you ever opportunity to get better. Its up to the player to beat out the man in front of him. Every single thing they do in practice is recorded, video don’t lie and its easy to show a player the good and the bad.

Its not about keeping people happy, its about winning.


As long as it is done fairly (I believe he is), it should be fine. Miss has made the point everything thing is charted so the players can see exactly where they fit and why.


No. But one difference I see between Duke/Kentucky and Arkansas is who has 10th thru 13 scholarships. For Duke and Kentucky, they look like glorified walkons. For Arkansas they are 4 star freshmen or highly rated transfers.

It is amazing Muss is able to attract that talent for 10 thru 13 spots, with recruits fully knowing, he plays 7 to 8. Maybe it is early in his tenure at Arkansas and it will eventually catch up with him. But so far so good.

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