A few tidbits

There’s a chance Mario Goodrich’s OV could be moved up to the 26th. Nothing for sure but it’s a possibility. Coach Morris and Cooper will see him on Wednesday.

It’s very early but Arkansas could have 7 or 8 prospects next weekend. As always the number can change.

I didn’t take Mincey off of the visit list even though it was being reported he was visiting South Carolina next week for a reason. I kind of figured where that was coming from and didn’t believe it. I felt fairly confident the meeting yesterday would result in John saying he was going to visit.

I still think Tennessee is the team to beat though. There’s a lot of pull towards that direction right now. I’m sure they’ll push for a commitment this weekend and try and keep him from visiting Arkansas. I still think he makes his trip to the Hill but you never know what a 17-18 year old will do.