A few tidbits

Heard through grapevine from folks to our south so this is 2nd or 3rd hand info at best but FWIW:

  • La Tech thinks they can and will light up our defense
  • They think they can slow down our rushing attack just enough to force us to the pass
  • In doing so they will bring a lot of pressure to Austin Allen
  • With the pressure they think they will be able to force AA into bad decisions
  • Their MLB, transfer from Texas, will be key
  • They are coming to win and not just collect a check and leave


Bring it.

If you are LA Tech you’d better think that you can do all of those things. But then the reality of execution (the most important thing) kicks in. And then you remember that they are replacing their starting QB, RB and lost some players like Vernon Butler on defense. First game of the season I am sure that every team thinks they can win and knock off a power five team, and Skip wouldn’t be a good coach if his team didn’t think that way. But again…reality will soon hit them in the face in a little over 48 hours

Yep they are sure our QB making his first start will get rattled and our OL and RB are new so why shouldn’t they feel that way? That alone gives them incouragement.

After watching last year’s defense, I would probably feel the same way if I were La Tech.

LaTech also lost a lot of great offensive players. Our defense will prevail. :smiley:

Forgot to add:

The reason they are confident in the offense is that their QB is a true dual threat which is the type of QB they believe Ark has been unable to control over the past few years…they believe even “so-so” QB’s of this type have been very successful against Ark…just passing on

Being a dual threat QB in high school is one thing. Being a rookie dual threat QB against a SEC defense, is completely different. Our defense will prevail. :smiley: :smiley:

Come get some.

I would love to be as confident as you guys. I just keep thinking of Toledo.

Toledo was a better team than I think Louisiana Tech is going to be. A lot of people don’t realize how well Toledo did last season - beat two Power 5 teams (yes, I know one was Iowa State), won 10 games and was top 10 nationally in run defense.

Ryan Higgins, their starting QB, will not start Saturday as punishment for his DUI. I’m sure he will play at some point but he won’t be starting.

The starting QB will be J’Mar Smith, a redshirt freshman dual-threat QB who has never taken a collegiate snap.

Yeah…I thought the same thing so I went back kind of asked why they felt that way to see if the feeling was true or just smack-talking. The reply was something vague like…Over the past few years Ark defense has displayed certain “tendencies” to react to certain formations and/or motions that gets them out of position and allows for a un-harassed pass/run option for the QB.

Everyone has a plan. If you are an underdog and you don’t have a plan, you are not worth your salt. I’d sure hope Louisiana Tech has a plan. Skip Holtz is a good coach.