A few tidbits from today's virtual clinic

The staff hosted a virtual clinic with the Arkansas HS coaches today. It lasted an hour and 40 minutes. I was able to hop on and take some notes.

Each staff member went over different parts of the program. Some of things they hit on included analytics and how they used them, scouting reports, student-athlete development, community engagement, media training and job interview training, helping players make good decisions and family atmosphere

Some of things student-athlete development focuses on includes mock job interviews, resume writing, networking and financial literacy.

Because of her background in the media, Mrs. Musselman helps the players with media training.

Family atmosphere means Musselman hosts the team for holiday dinners at his home while also letting the players know they’re welcome there at all times.

There are no phones allowed during team meals.

Arkansas scouting was very in-depth and included some things you might not think about.

It includes reading newspapers, following the beat writers of each team on social media and picking up any info that can help give Arkansas an edge.

Watching the press conferences of opponents.

It also means watching games all season while also listening to radio broadcasts. They picked up that Rice would play zone while listening to their exhibition game.

Announcers and radio broadcasters see behind the scene things while at practice and shoot arounds.

Try to watch three-five full games of opponents leading up to game prep. They believe you should know a team really well after two games but might take four or five games to feel extremely comfortable.

Know the personnel inside and out. Try to focus on two-three things a player is good at and one area where you can attack him.

Focus on an opponent’s top eight-nine players even if the team is extremely deep. It’s tough for the players to really know more than eight players.

They breakdown eight clips of the opponents’ star player for the team to watch. They focus on six clips on each starter and two to four clips on role players.

Know an opponent’s late plays in games. They’ll watch the opponent’s end of the game plays for the season the night before the game.

They have keys to victory for each game. Against TCU, they wanted to score more than 18 points in transition. They wanted to set the the tone against the Frogs and not allow them to control the tempo.

Force TCU into more turnovers than they had assists.

The Hogs wanted to have fewer than 10 turnovers and hold TCU to five or less threes.

The scouting report on TCU was they played 98% man and 2% zone. Before the Arkansas game, TCU had shown zone in 17 possessions.

One of the notes on TCU’s Grayer was he had 104 assists to 179 turnovers in his career.

It also noted they could force Smith into bad plays.

There was much, much more but that’s a few things I remember.


good stuff right there Richard.

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Amazing! Poor Planning is the Perfect Pathway to Panic! I highly doubt Coach Muss will ever be ill prepared. We may have a future legend on our sidelines.

He can do it. We need some high level success on the hardwood. Its been a long time since we were fighting and expecting to be a top ten team.

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