A few things from this week

after observing Chad Morris at camps.

I was like most and didn’t know much about Chad other than he was a former HS coach and had stops at Tulsa and Clemson before SMU. I’ve said in the early stages I was blown away by what Texas HS coaches were saying about Chad the week or so after he was hired. It wasn’t the normal stuff you hear about people when asking others that know a person pretty well. They RAVED about Chad.

Seeing how he interacts with people and talks to the kids after the camps, you see a guy that’s very genuine, down-to-earth, holds people accountable and is a man you would want your son to play for and learn from. The reviews from parents have been much the same.

I’ve said I think he and this staff will get it done in the past and still do. Time will tell.


That’s great to hear Richard. I’m optimistic too. If he can’t recruit here, no one can.