A few things from The Opening

OL Evan Neal of IMG Academy is a man. He’s 6-7 and around 390 and he moves so well. He was the best OT today. He has extremely good feet for his size or any size lineman. While I see him as a long shot, I expect Shamar Nash to be in his ear when they report back for fall practice.

OL Stacey Wilkins had a so-so day and admitted so. He won some and lost some in the 1-on-1 reps. ESPN’s Craig Haubert said this year’s class of OTs is probably one of the better ones in 5-6 years. Right now he would put Stacey in the second group of OTs nationally which still isn’t too shabby.

As noted in another post, LB Duwin Black is a legit top 50 prospects based off of his performance so far at The Opening. He’s an instant impact guy in college. He’s looking to be in Fayetteville on July 27.

He’s also a guy that likes to have fun. He’s not one to over do it, but he is definitely on the playful side.

I’ve always been impressed with Safety Jalon Catalon of Mansfield Legacy since visiting him at his school last year before the Texas A&M game. He was so mature and showed such good leadership skills when I first talked to him at his school.

After seeing him the last couple of days I’m even more impressed. Most of the kids are tired of the process and the media. There’s probably a 100 or so media people here and I’ve seen Jalen handle every question like a pro. He answers every question respectfully and fully without a hint of frustration.