A few reasons why Loggains is a very good recruiter

His ability to connect and gain the trust of recruits, players, parents and HS coaches is about as it good it gets.

It’s not just the kids he coaches. It’s everyone.

Former players go to bat for him. Some former Arizona State players who were on NFL teams coached by Dowell encouraged the school to hire him awhile back. You saw Connor Shaw do the same thing last night.

I got this from several kids and parents.

You think its a done deal he is gone or will we find a way to pay him to stick around?

I would like to know too!

I haven’t heard anything to make me think it won’t happen but until there’s an announcement who knows.

Dowell will be in TE commit Jaden Hamm’s home tomorrow morning.

What do they say to recruits in moments like this when they are possibly leaving for another school? Surely it is a question the recruits ask about.

“I have an opportunity to advance my career but at the same time I love where I am.”

Dowell loves the state and UA. There’s absolutely no doubt about that.

He told the story of one of his stops had his hometown as Abilene, Texas on his bio. That was where he attended HS. He said no sir it’s Newport, Arkansas.

Btw, that quote is me talking like I’m in Dowell’s shoes.

Just so weird to have DL on the recruiting trail if he is gone like many think. I guess nothing is in stone until the ink dries, right?

If the job is offered and the numbers are right, a position coach who has been an NFL OC & wants to be a HC, takes the job.

Maybe it happens, maybe not.

I know this thread is primarily about DL but I must say Jaden Hamm looks like a beast of a TE. I know Hasz gets most of the press but this guy looks to be the real deal in terms of what a TE should look like.

Richard, in terms of skill set, any prior UA tight ends you might compare him to?

Honestly, I would need to look at his film again. It’s been awhile since I looked.

He didn’t get many catches because they ran probably 90% of the time.

No worries…I know there is a lot going on right now so I will wait for the recruiting preview later.

I have to admit physically he makes me think a little of Cheyenne (CJ) O’Grady. A little taller but have to think his size is comparable to what CJ was coming out of high school. If he can combine that talent with a healthier attitude then we may really have something here.

Thanks for all your updates Richard. It is nice to be on the receiving end of information from real professionals.

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