A few questions on recruiting

  1. How many oral commits to the Hogs could flip to other schools?

  2. How many players do we think Morris may “suggest” new schools?

  3. Do we think there are any commits we could flip?

  4. Finally, does this class go up or down between now and signing day?

  1. Not expecting any

  2. Enough to fill 29 spots for the 19 class

  3. Gregory Brooks is one for sure. Lakia Henry is another.

  4. Goes up.

Up versus down. Down towards 20 or down towards 10. Not trying be smart Alex just seeking clarification

I was thinking up as in good. Misunderstood.

No idea where they end up, but I expect them to finish very well so that ought to help their standing, but how much can’t say.

I assumed that is what you meant. Optimistically hopeful that you are right

Will it take a strong 19 and 20 class to start seeing results on the field?

I would think so.

I think you will see improvement in the W-L record next season, but I think it will take another top class in 2020 and maybe one in 2021 to get Arkansas where its fans want it to be and where it hasn’t been lately.