A few positives....

  • Greenlaw and Harris are playing well at ILB.
  • Curl is the best true FR DB that I can remember. Toliver solid on the other side.
  • I never notice Froholdt anymore which is good. A lot of improvement.
  • Cantrell is a tremendous blocker
  • O’Grady is going to be a stud TE sooner or later
  • Nance is flashing
  • Johnson has been averaging good hang time on punts
  • Williams is a very versatile back. Impressed with his vision and patience.

Just a few positive thoughts to counter act all the negativity I feel today.

All good points; I saw progress too. But, even in the 3-4 it seems like we’re playing one LB short handed. I don’t get that.

the 3-4 will take some time

hopefully the line can keep AA alive

Harris, Greenlaw, Agim and Curl are some good pieces for Paul Rhoads to build around.

Fighting back to regain the lead twice in the 4th Q was impressive…very disappointed for the kids.

Kamron curl played one hellofva game. Very lucky and worthy replacement of pulley.

Good posts. I was very impressed that we kept coming back from some heavy body blows.

Yes, heartbreaking loss for the kids, hopefully they bounce back. And not just against N Mex St, but against SEC opponents of which are not looking so dang impressive other than Bama.

Oh, that Nance kid is looking pretty good to. I see J Jones flashing in the future as well.

Yes, lots of positives.

OL needs to find a way to keep Allen clean and he will deliver.
Backs ran hard and run blocking was better.

Defense is still a work in progress but I like what I’m seeing from a lot of guys.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel.

I noticed him a lot, particularly when he was paving the way for CK on those short yardage runs.

The man is road-grater.

The linebackers did alright at times. They also were lost sometimes on the read option. One of them is assigned to either the back or the QB on every one of those. They got fooled at times. So did Grant Morgan a couple of times. The read option was the play that put them in trouble most of the day. It is the play that they worked on the most in practice. It’s a tough part of that offense. The transition to the 3-4 isn’t made over night. It does take time. I think there were some times it was alright, but there are still some big plays, the real issue Saturday against A&M.