A Few Positives To Grow With

There was plenty of bad in the dismal loss to CSU. Certainly for some fans the honeymoon is already over. But there were some good things in the game to build on and should have been a key in winning this game.

The running game was solid when allowed to be. The four backs that were used were exceptional and were not utilized well by the coaching staff. I would ask that with all the good things we heard about Maleek Williams why he is not in the mix? So we came out of game one worrying about the running game and after game two the focus goes on the passing game. Crazy.

I thought the young side of the offensive line played well. In particular when Gatlain and Capps were in there things seemed to go well. Clary had some problems and the veteran side of the line seemed to be where the collapsing of the line took place.
Austin Cantrell played his second quality game in a row. He was not on the receiving end of much because neither QB could throw the ball, but his blocking was outstanding.

On a similar note Armon Watts was dominating at times as was Agim. I think the d-line will continue to improve. I like the talent there, I just hope the coaching complements the talent.

Ryan Pulley looks good. The biggest crime of this game was allowing everyone to pathetically cover Williams and not Pulley. I can’t think of a single excuse why he wasn’t assigned to shadow Williams everywhere he went. If Williams was able to dominate him then oh well. I would love to hear the reasoning from the coaches. That to me was dumb coaching. Perhaps I am missing something, but you had most of the game to adjust and never did.

That is about it for the positives. I think there could have been more good had the coaching allowed it. I hope this humbles this staff enough for them to know they also have a lot to learn. The coaching should never be the number one negative in a game.

I was wondering the same thing about Maleek Williams. I kept thinking, “He’s going to come in now, bringing his battering style of running with fresh legs.” Would like to hear from those in the know as to what happened to him. I also agree about covering #11. At some point, like before the game, we knew he would be their primary target. Double him, heck, triple him. But for sure, don’t leave a sub CB on him for much of the game. Pulley got some experience with an elite receiver, which will help down the road.

I too think there were some positives.
-The CSU defense is bad enough that I won’t get too excited about the rushing game. I do think Oline gained confidence after our run game had a chance to get on a roll with consistent snaps. The consistent snaps were very helpful to advance Gatlin, Capps, and Clary on the left side. Let’s be honest that Wallace is still a nubie so it helped him to have more snaps in the run game. Capps needed a lot of snaps and hopefully can play more against UNT.
-The run game gave us a chance to play 4 RB’s in our deep stable to keep most everyone happy. The RBs appeared to have made a good change on picking the right lanes.
-The 2 QBs have shown WHO they are and in strong fashion. This should allow the staff to make changes without too much political gnashing of teeth and allow the staff to make aggressive changes at QB.
-I think the Defense looked good in the front 7 in spite of playing a true FR to replace a stud like Greenlaw and not having Ramsey. It looks like we played a lot of people on the Dline so that will motivate improvement this week.
-The back 4 did not look as bad it appeared in the second half and all you have to do is look at the first half performance. We changed to less press coverage and even more zone which left WRs open a lot in the 2nd half. We also chose not to give safety support on #11 which made it look terrible on the CBs.

I thought he would have come in on some of those third-and-1 situations or the play that Whaley scored. I’m surprised we haven’t seen him more. He is impressive in scrimmage situations.