A few positives from our close win

  1. Chaney. Boy, did we need to see that Chaney emerge yesterday! We absolutely have to have him for our SEC games. He still is getting into game shape and will continue to improve over the next few games.

  2. Sills. Is he the best 6’ rim finisher we’ve had since Fortson? He was really athletic last year, but he seems to have improved his already excellent hops. 40’’ vertical? Hopefully his 3 will begin to fall and that will give him even more opportunities to drive and finish.

  3. Jimmy Whitt. Is he one of the best “floor leaders” (a better name for him than PG) we’ve had since ???.

  4. Rather than saying it was a poor offensive showing, I’d like to think it was a gutsy win against a solid team with our leading scorer out with a shoulder injury.

All points well thought out and I agree.
Anytime you can win without your leading scorer your team has overcome adversity. In that game they did it!
The 3 point defense missed Jones as much as the offense. Cyllia and Harris aren’t the same defenders as the others. I’m hoping Chaney starts taking the mid range shot and Sills either start making the 3 or simply stops taking them. Patiently I’m waiting on Joe to take his man to the hole off the dribble when he gets to see man to man defense again.

You need to be tested. Win some close games. We’ve had two tests in the last week and passed both. I’m reminded of that out-of-this-world UNLV team that bulldozed everyone in 1991, including the Hogs in Barnhill. But when they ran into Duke in the Final Four, they couldn’t close out a close game because they didn’t know how. We’re nowhere near that good, of course, but now our players know they can respond when a game comes down to the end – even if we can’t throw a beachball in the ocean like the last 10 minutes at Tech.

Sills is good at using his body as a shield against the defenders and he’s good at using both hands when shooting his layups(something sorely lacking in most players today).

I would also add Harris to the mix. He didn’t score a lot of points, but when the game started out, we came out as slow as can be. Harris came in and energized the offense and got the ball moving around. Our biggest runs in the game came when Harris was leading the point in the game.

What would the hogs look like with a post man with size?

Yes, I salivate at the thought of Blackshear manning the post this season on this team. I think we were actually in play until he went to Florida and they sold him on their returning players. Unfortunately, I believe before the season’s over, Florida will be the best SEC team with a shot at the final four. And, I hate Florida!

I’m not so sure about that. They have glaring holes that could be fixed by the end of the year, but the only way they make it to the Final 4 is if they have the easiest bracket known to man in the tournament.

I don’t like Florida either. But they don’t have the it factor either. Blackshear is good in the post but he needs a supporting cast with experience and Florida don’t have it.
They should make the round of 32 but that’s it.

Florida has a lot of talent. Keyontae Johnson, one of the best sophs in the country. Nemhard is a returning starter. They have the #1 SG in the 2019 recruiting class in Scottie Lewis and the #2 PG in the 2019 recruiting class in Tre Mann, both 5-star players and projected NBA 1st round picks. They are the reason Blackshear picked Florida. This is probably the most talented roster White has had at Florida.