A few positive observations of my own

  1. We have a really good QB. 28/42 (66.7%), 0 INTs, 2 TDs, only 1 sack despite minimal time and constant pounding. He’s tough as nails.
  2. We did a really good job of scheming to keep those all-world DEs off Allen. His pounding came from blitzing LBs.
  3. We continue to get very good pressure from our front 4.
  4. Our play in the secondary, while not near perfect, is far better than in recent years.
  5. We have a very good core of receivers, though not pure burners.
  6. The targeting call on Coley (dumb, but deserved) was a major turning point of the game. Not only did it get aTm out of a major hole, but it completely screwed up our safety rotation and our ability to keep them fresh.
  7. aTm has more athletic talent than we. We had to play a very clean game (taking advantage of all opportunities, while avoiding costly errors) in order to win. We were unable to do that.

I agree. I’ll give them the benefit that most are new players

We have a better QB than many of us knew to go along with solid WR’s and a top TE. We may have to become more of a passing team to burn teams when they stack 8 against the run. We should have passed more against A&M since they committed 8 people to stop our run game but gave our receivers single coverage when we have a VERY accurate QB. I am not sure why we didn’t throw the quick pass to protect Austin while also making the LB’s back off the line. Our TE’s were in max protect most of the time which may have had something to do with it. We threw the ball a lot but in predictable situations after continuously running into block wall on 1st and 2nd downs.

I agree. Not sure what was actually the turning point. There were several key plays that might have allowed us to win: No fumble by RW as he’s going in to score. Failing to score on 1st & goal from the 3. Giving up that long run just before half. The stupid late hit. Allowing the long TD after the 20 play, no score drive…I could see any one of those things changing the outcome of the game.

Our D was exhausted by the end of the game. I’m sure a whole lot of that exhaustion came because we realized we were going to lose. It’s much easier to dig deep for energy when there’s still a chance.

I’m really impressed with AA & generally impressed with our receivers. We still need to improve O-line play. D-backs are thin & losing Coley hurt that. A&M is good. There’s no shame losing to them even though most of us thought going in we’d perform better. However, I know lopsided games aren’t always accurate predictors or reflections of how good or bad a team is. Ole MIss got manhandled in the 2nd half by FSU who got mauled by UL. Ole Miss destroyed UGA. I don’t think any of those games really tell us the whole story on any of the teams involved. I’m disappointed, but the doom & gloom today is over the top. The doom & gloom is typical following a disappointing loss just as the overblown optimism is after a big win.

The old saying that nothing is quite as bad or good as it seems is something we should remember today.