A few notes on Nick Smith Jr

He told me he will go to college. Not considering pro options.

Doesn’t plan to visit any other schools after next weekend’s Oklahoma visit.

His mother, father and siblings will make the trip with him to the Hill. He expects to arrive around 10:30 tomorrow morning.

No time frame for a decision.

I saw his interview with McPherson…and he mentioned the “dreaded business decision”

No Texas visit?

He said OU was his last one.

Well, since Nick Smith intends to go the college route, the very best “business decision” for him is to commit to Arkansas, what with all the years of NBA experience on the coaching staff. No college staff is better equipped to prepare Nick for the NBA than this one. Just my opinion.

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This is one time I think the words “business decision” are encouraging words for the Hogs. This staff is all about selling the professional basketball mindset. Most of the staff has worked or played at the professional level. Muss is always staging photos of famous photographs of NBA players, with the recruit and himself replacing the subjects of the original shot.

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I took it that Nick wants to go to a school that he can make the most NIL money.

I still don’t think he comes here.

I think you’re right. “Business decision” as in seeking the best NIL deal. We’ll see, I guess.

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I agree 100% with you wrt coaching staff and all of that pro hoops experience. But I think razorblack hit the nail on the head with the “business decision” aspect meaning Nick making the most NIL money that he can in his one year playing college ball.

Moody made a damn good business decision! ghg


He mentioned getting a degree. Said he didn’t have to worry about supporting his family. Sounds like a long-term business plan. For a business degree, where better to land than the University of Arkansas?

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it is has been my any opinion that if he goes elsewhere, there is nothing that Arkansas could have done to change his mind from the start.

Arkansas and Muss have taken their absolute best shot at this one.

it is interesting to me that Kentucky and Texas have gone by the wayside, but Alabama and OU have hung in there.


Alabama? NIL-wise, outside of Mercedes, where is the NIL money in Tuscaloosa?

I believe the new Alabama QB is pulling down close to $1M/year in NIL. Where there is a will there is a way.

Good question. Where is the NIL money in Norman, OK, also? I believe Kentucky is where Nick wanted to go, but Calipari pulled the rug out from under him, because Nick dragged his feet committing. Just speculating, of course.

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Calipari took forever to give Nick an offer, as I recall. And Nick may have decided the love coming from Jellycatland was insufficient.

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That may be true. But Nick should’ve pounced when UK and Cal finally offered, and for whatever bizarre reason, he didn’t. He tried to slow play Calipari, and ended up getting burned. Cal isn’t known for showing patience with either players or recruits. I’m just guessing, mind you, but I kinda feel that is why Cal soured on him.

Arkansans are passionate about sports. Arkansans, by and large, are also frugal. Arkansans will not pay for athletes in the same manner as those from Alabama and several other schools. If another school REALLY wants Mr. Smith, they will get him.

None of the Hog fans I know are frugal. We all spend money like drunk sailors when it comes to all things Razorback. There is A LOT of big money in this state (not in my house, but, still). Once the big donors figure out NIL, we will compete with any and everyone.


I could be totally wrong, but I have heard that Nick didn’t have a commitable offer from Kensucky. The squid was after bigger fish. I hope that is true, and it blows up in Cal’s face just like his hugely overrated recruiting class last year. I also hope that Muss works some magic over the weekend and convinces young Mr. Smith to be a Hog! We actually really want Nick. He and Walsh are our big fish.

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