A few notes on key prospects

WR-Ath. Darin Turner of Memphis Central told me last night he’s looking to officially visit Arkansas, Alabama and Maimi after his season is complete. So it appears any possible commitment might be aways off. More in Friday’s column.

OL Brady Ward said he’s planning to officially visit Arkansas for the Auburn game and is in talks with Oklahoma for their first home game.

He said he’s talking to a mixture of SEC schools about visits but nothing confirmed.

I know that school strength and schedule may not be a difference maker in today’s recruiting environmen, but in Memphis (which I regard as the weakest of TN geographically) if you get a kid out of Central or Whitehaven then you get a battle proven kid. Ditto for Murfreesboro and Nashville who have long been strong but really upped their programs over the last 5 years.

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the above is not current, but Turner is really strong and competitive. I don’t know how Ravenwood will pull off having 5 transfers come in for 2019 including the #1 consensus recruit in TN, but if they do then a monster team was (bought) has been created. Ravenwood new coach is not new to this trick but he will have at least 4 D1 prospects. Central seems to have a few and so does Whitehaven. getting kids out of Central and Whitehaven mean we are in the true talent of Memphis.