A few notes from Sunday's camp

Cole Kelley, Devwah Whaley, Kevin Richardson, Grant Morgan, Bumper Pool, Michael Woods, Shane Clenin and TJ Hammonds worked the camp. Might of missed one but that’s who I saw.

Cole looks like he’s dropped some weight. I would guess 10 pounds. Maybe 15.

Pool and Woods are buds. Woods went home with Pool during one of the breaks.

Morris emphasized several things to the campers at the end of the day. He made sure the kids know they get to pick their major and not the school placing them in a major that fits around football.

He told the kids he knows what they tweeted and retweeted from the day before. He pointed out several young ladies that work in the recruiting department who are assigned to monitor Twitter accounts of recruits.

I’m curious why he told them he knows what they tweeted out during the camp.

To let them know their accounts are being monitored. Some of these kids tweet stuff that would make a sinner blush. What you tweet can keep you from getting an offer.

To make a point - which it definitely did from the looks of the faces when he said it.