A few depth chart notables this week

Receivers Jared Cornelius and Brandon Martin are not on the depth chart for the New Mexico State game. We all anticipate Cornelius is going to be out for a while, perhaps the rest of the season because of the apparent Achilles injury. Martin has had the hamstring issue since the week of the TCU game.

The first-team offensive line is the same as it was going into last week. Paul Ramirez is listed as the backup left tackle.

Kevin Richardson (ankle) is listed as the first-team nickel back this week.

The ankle is what kept Richardson from playing very much against aTm then?
Or I didn’t notice him on the field but a few times.

Yes, Clay mentioned that in the thread about Richardson. He had been injured during the TCU game but we weren’t aware of it until he didn’t play Saturday.

…and…as usual…Richardson being out was strongly felt. We just don’t give up big plays as often with that kid on the field. At least not . the kind caused by huge busts.

I know I get frustrated by posters who only seem to have one point they make…over and over. And I know I risk being just like bringing this up. But our secondary play…especially safety…seems to not be an area of fan angst for some reason…yet I still think its the weakest link in our defense. Losing Pulley obviously hurt alot…and not having a healthy KRed also hurt. Liddell and Santos are playing much better…but they were not around to stop the huge big plays A$M hit us with. I haven’t gone back to rewatch the game…but I do recall…and saw again in Jimmy’s post…how they got sucked up…Santos especially…on the scramble toss for the TD.

Here is where CBB deserves some credit. This year’s freshman class has three kids that were all huge gets…one of whom has been forced to start. Callaway, Curl and Brown could all be major cogs in an improved secondary next year…especially with Pulley coming back. They just need seasoning.

Yes, I confirmed with Bret after the game that Richardson was injured and couldn’t play.

It feels like Richardson is never in.