A few bits on Reggie Perry

Back in late June a source close to Reggie said the Hogs were in the lead. This was right after Perry and his parents visited Fayetteville June 27.

They obviously stayed in the lead. The last two weeks another source kept saying Reggie was close to committing. So basically, for the last month and a half the Hogs were the team to beat and something unusual had to happen for Arkansas not to land him.

I thought between Perry and Henderson, Perry woukd be the harder get. So, I am somewhat puzzled that Perry has committed and Hendeson still hasn’t.

Arkansas is in very good shape.

So is Henderson the last piece of the Hawks puzzle people have been talking about, or is it someone else? I don’t know the most about basketball recruiting but try my best to keep up. Anderson is lighting it up lately with the juco guys last year and Jones/Bailey/Glasper look promising as well. The next classes are full of instate talent and he is getting them all. Excited about this season and the future! Go hogs!

Yeah … He’s the one they’re waiting on.