A few bits about Blackshear

His mother accompanied him on the visit.

It sounds like he really enjoyed the Catfish Hole. He had a big smile on his face as he and his mom entered to a Hog Call. He sat next to Musselman for dinner while his mother sat across from him

He’s expected to take some more visits.

Because his father and mother played at Stetson, the general thinking is Blackshear will take his time on a decision and won’t be easily swayed.

Sounds like we shouldn’t hold much hope here. Enjoyed the visit but more important stops to make.

Stetson recently got a huge commitment from Mahamadou Diawara. Our old staff was recruiting him. That may rule out Stetson for Blackshear.

How did you come to that assumption?

As I suspected Muss hustled out of the catfish hole to give Senor Davenport the word on the street. Lol.

Senor, is there a Stetson connection with Corey Williams? Was there a relationship there?

Thank goodness! I didn’t want to have to deal with Stetson as competition for Blackshear brother.

He is going to be pursued by some of the blue bloods from what I read. If he doesn’t commit after he leaves here, I personally would be very surprised if he took 3-4 more visits and then committed here. Just my take.

Completely agree.

Are we on another big?

Y’all are some negative mofos

Does anybody know, did Muss take Blackshear and family to the baseball game Sat? If he did, he was able to see what being a Hog is all about.

I don’t know. That Baum crowd is, how shall I put this delicately, not a beacon of multiculturism. I might take him to hang out where all the pick up basketball games are going on.

I don’t think he is allowed to take recruits to post season games, even though they are on campus. Could be wrong, but I thought I heard that last year when the baseball team was playing in post season.

Just noticed EM just started following KB on twitter and if you notice his twitter activity he only follows players for a reason. When it comes to the transfers we have landed he has only followed the ones who have committed to us. He was also quick to unfollow Moss. Just an observation.

As a side note, he has also recently started following KK Robinson. I would say that is a strong sign that an offer is forthcoming.

I’m naturally cautious on projecting commitments, so I’m in the position that we’re a contender. The Corey Williams connection is key here. I think we have a great opportunity to offer, but so do the other schools in contention.

I agree my dude.

Thats true RAg. You need to post more I like your takes.

Just like you are allowed to take basketball recruits to a football game, you are allowed to take basketball ones to baseball and so on.