A few basketball items

Not saying they won’t get more involved, but Arkansas has cooled on forward Rodgerick Brown.

Arkansas is looking at some bigs. Power forward Ian Steere, who plays for Team Charlotte is one.

Steere, 6-9, 230 is from High Point, (N.C.) Wesleyan Christian

Power forward Christian Lorng of the Louisville Magic is another.

Lorng, 6-10, 230 is from Wesley Christian High School in Allen, Kentucky.

There are others, but for now that’s two names.


Expect a few more offers to start coming out.

Interesting. Thanks.

Steere was offered by Kansas today, too.

FWIW, I said at the right time I would say more.

I hinted Arkansas backed off of Shakwon Barrett which they did. The amount of guards on campus was an issue with several guys.

They never offered Amauri Hardy. I know it was reported he had an offer, but he didn’t.

You possibly overlooked my question in another thread, I am assuming that Rodgerick Brown did not have an offer, right? Thanks.

So how does that work when a kid goes and tells people they have an offer when they really don’t? Do the coaches put out anything to dispel it, or do they usually just let it go? Also, how does someone get confused on if they have an offer or not?

I think NCAA regs prevent coaches from making any statement on any individual recruit by name. That is why it leads to wrong conclusions by fans on recruiting, like Barrett selected Tulane over the Hogs.

No idea. It happens in football too. Sometimes kids hear what they want to hear.

True. At the end of the day it’s all about the Ws. Fans get upset about the perception of losing kids to other schools more so than coaches.

Guess so. It was a kid I was reading about the other day that said he chose Ouachita Baptist University over an offer from Memphis. Memphis people were all over Tubby Smith for this, but Memphis media was trying to tell everyone the kid didn’t have an offer and they had just inquired about him, but wasn’t able to reach anyone to speak to him. But, the kid and his family was insistent on he had a Memphis offer and was telling everyone that, yet he had never taken a visit there, never spoken to Tubby Smith, never had an in-home visit, or ever actually spoke to anyone on the coaching staff.

Matthew Stanley from Cabot

Read in the Memphis paper today that Rod Brown is considering reclassifying to a sr this yr because he’s too old to play at Cordova next yr. it also stated in the article that he has an offer from us