A different thought

Since I would rather be Pollyannish than to live in the past, maybe today’s embarrassing performance will be the catalyst for Chad to start running his program in a different manner. I am sure everyone would make different suggestions, but most will agree the current version of left lane, hammer down needs a severe tuneup. I know talent and recruiting gains will help, but without more heart, effort, and toughness, I don’t expect more than marginal improvement.

My memory takes me back to the Danny Ford tenure and not all were great memories, but you could count on a toughness and edge to the team. His offense was about as exciting as watching paint dry, but at least our defense would knock your butt off. Time for this staff to change the tone.

You sure aren’t hammering down when you plan East and west instead of north and south. I’d like the Offensive coordinator to step to a microphone and explain his poor play calling against LSU and today on that first drive. He should be smart enough to know JRed can’t block on a screen. It’s pretty stupid to call plays when you know you players can’t execute the play! That series set the tone with a missed field goal and it was ranked from that point on!
You sure can’t claim hammer down when you burn time outs or take a flag for delay of game. What a joke! There’s nothing hammering on the hill but the door leaving
The classroom.
Get this years recruiting class signed and play them next year. Next the next 2 crootin class loaded in double barrel form and as they arrive put them on the field. That’s the future.

We went up tempo one drive and went right down the field and never ever tried it again. :cry:

Craddock steps to the microphone every Monday.

Well, since the rest of us don’t have press credentials, why don’t you ask him why we go tempo so infrequently? It seems to me this year that we’ve had more success when we have done it.

Technical question, since this coming week is a short week, will they do press conferences on Sunday?

I don’t go to the Monday press conferences.

Seems to be like they have asked Morris and Craddock that several times this year.

No, it will still be Monday.

OK, thanks.

Well, they haven’t answered it correctly, lol…

denial ostriches


Someone needs to ask him to explain his poor play calling. just like last week. Between his love for going east and west and the self inflicted sucken chest wounds the offense like to impose on themselves it’s almost impossible to win or score a TD.