A different Post to start the week

I want to take a moment to shout out some Thanks and Appreciation for all who are members of this board.

This is special time of the year for remembering our Thanks and Blessings that we have. So at risk of not doing justice, let me say special thanks to all posters , incl Elmo, we are a diverse group of fans who support and want a better time for our Team the Razorbacks. I appreciate all the views and do so more as I get older and reflect on what is important. I give special thanks for those with candor and willingness to express hard truths or feelings. It helps us all gain understanding.

Thanks to writers and staff that bring news to us on daily basis. Your efforts and work is appreciated as it takes time and cannot be easy to report on some of this.

Thanks for our AD and Head Football coach and his staff—they are working hard to change our situation. Hope they are successful.

Thanks to support staff on this site for working to resolve some of the many tech issues that we have experienced.

Thanks for our country and it’s system of governance , our leaders for serving , our military , our teachers, our first responders, our doctors, ministers, and the list goes on.

Special prayers and blessing for those who have had illness (Army), health issues (Clay) , loss of loved ones(several of you), and other of life’s difficulties . I hope you find comfort and continue to share and lift up your problems , there are good people on this site who rally to that cry for help when it is shared. I think it will continue.

As Thanksgiving approaches, try to remember those less fortunate and those with life’s problems. Sports are important part of our life but only a part. Best wishes to all this week and coming year. I am going to try to do the same.

Let’s hope our Hawgs rally and beat the Tigers on Friday. My $ says no but my Heart says yes. Hope the team responds in big way–would be good for all. I am not ready to start looking forward to basketball season at this time of year.

I have often said and do feel this is a family. We from time to time debate each other, sometime in a heated way, but we all want the same thing. I have met many folks through this board, and they have all been super people and all willing to help in many ways.

This has been very difficult for us since the cycle and blond hit the ditch. We still have each other and at least hope. I am thankful for all of you.

Terrific post Hawgcotton. Every word is right on target. Tomorrow we’ll make the drive from Chattanooga to Fayettville spending a week with our big brother and wife. Our two daughters, one son in law and 5 of 6 grands will arrive there Wednesday. It’s our first family gathering (with all present) in 12 years. This year we have a special reason to gather. Our precious, beautiful, kind niece is going through tough cancer treatments. Very tough. Please pray for Donna. She has two wonderful daughters one a freshman at Fayettville HS the other a Frenchman at the UofA. And pray for James her loving husband.

Donna spent a lot of time with me and the wife growing up and she is very close to us. We covet your prayers.

Great people on this board. All of you. Even when we dissagree. Family sticks together.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

This board does seem like family. I did a quick count of people who are in my contact list and who are current or past members of this board. I came up with 29. This community has helped many of us celebrate births, mourn deaths, and been supportive in many life events. It is indeed something for which I am very thankful.

Great post, Cotton. Thanks for sharing that.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the board.

Thanks for your thoughtful post.

We have much to be thankful for.

I appreciate this note, as I know everyone else does, too. We all have lots to be thankful for and that starts with me.

Headed for Hot Springs tomorrow for the Turkey gathering…Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Good job Cotton, I like how the Hog families can get in here and let us know when they are I’ll or have lost a love one and are in need of prayer,it’s priceless. No matter how much we may disagree on topics it just proves that we all have a opinion and we all want to see our programs do well and hardly ever do posters feel ill will “for long” anyway and it’s all about sharing our thoughts about our beloved Razorbacks. We will have our 3 children and their spouses and 7 grandchildren home for Thanksgiving and the game on Friday and we will all be rooting for our Hogs here at the top of North Central Missouri. Just ran into two Hog fans this afternoon in the local grocery store as they saw my Hog cap and gave me a Hog call as many Mizzou fans looked on astonished. WPS

Very thoughtful and greatly appreciated post. Wish I had been clear-headed enough to have thought about making such a post, but I was not. That makes me doubly glad that you were, and took the time to do so. Reading it re-focused me in the appropriate direction.

I’m not kidding, or just saying that just to be kind either. It was something I really needed to read today. Thank you for that.

Awesome Post, thanks for this!

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody

Great post Cotton and thank you for that! This Board is like another family to me, my much larger Hog Family and place I can go for some solace and peace of mind. My get away if you will at times and have really needed it this year with the way things have gone. I truly feel good things are on the horizon for our football team and that we are in good hands. Thank you for all the great posts (and some bad haha), as well as very insightful and detailed information from so many of you. I am thankful to have this site to go to every day (don’t tell my wife) and to chat with all of you.

Many blessings to you all for an awesome Thanksgiving. Please enjoy the time with your family and hug the ones you love when you see them!!!

Great posts like this that puts a lot of things in a better perspective. It’s actually soothing, because this football board & the discussions have not been a very bright spot for sure.

Thanks for the excellent post.

Thank you Cotton your post is just an example of the great people on this board.
God bless you all!
I’m not ready for football season to end for the hogs but at least I will get to see Army play a bowl game this year!

Amen, Cotton!!
I’m thankful to be back in the beautiful State of Arkansas! Lisa and I won’t be able to spend this Thanksgiving or Christmas with family, since we moved from Florida, but we are thankful and blessed for the friends we have here that we can be near and share our lives with. Thanks to our Lord for all he has blessed us with.

Great post.

Now I read 1 place to get my Razorback information (The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly) for a reason. Stated far better than I could have.