A Defensive Overview

Once again the offense had to score enough points to win a game as it was vs MS. ST. – Defense stopped them a few times to allow offense to pull away for cushion of 24 points, which ended to 16 at the end. It shouldn’t be any doubts in anyone’s mind that our defense is not SEC west caliber. Based on what is leaving, what is left, and what is coming, I find it hard to believe, we’ll much better next year. Let me give you a brief run down on this score: We’ll lose 3 DE’s J. Winston, J. Ledbetter and D Wise. We only have recruited one DE in Ryder Anderson (6-6,230, 4.9). There may be couple more DE freshman on the works, if not we have to borrow from Paul to pay the peter. In either case not so good. Two CB’s J. Collins and DJ Dean leaving. Here there are few options. First we have Montaric Brown, a four star safety by ESPN 300 coming. He could play this position or shift J. Liddell or R Miller here and let Brown play FS. We also have two other recruits list for CB: Jordan Curtis (6-2, 185, 4.42), and Jarques Mcclellion (6-1, 180, 4.41). MLB Brooks Ellis leaving. Greenlaw will fill in with J. Harris. On the other hand, players like Beanum, Capps, Agim, Jackson with experience will anchor the front. You have to find answer for the three big ones lost in front. Ramsey, Harris, Greenlaw, Pulley, Toliver, Coley, Ramirez and others mentioned to defend the beck field. Can they defend the run and pass any better next year as they did this year? If so, how is that? Is it the players or the scheme? Whatever, defense isn’t happening! May be they should consider hiring the defensive coordinator of Houston.

Todd Orlando is who you are looking for. I don’t know if he was the lead recruiter for Ed Oliver or not, but that is a 5* true freshman worth the billing

http://www.uhcougars.com/sports/m-footb … 41973.html

Oliver of course was very impressive. I was most Impressed with the blitz packages, coverage and the stunts they pulled. We have seen non of that here. The scheme we are using is not working. We need the guy that put that defense together.

I’m not here to tell you that our defense will be great, but sometimes roster churn is good when a unit is seriously underperforming.

There are lots of redshirt freshmen that have a chance to contribute. They will have a much better chance to do so than true freshmen.

And, we have seen 3-4 young guys make serious strides on the field the last few weeks.

There will also be at least 2 JUCOs that are already here (Taylor, DE and Tutt, CB) who should factor into the 2-deep.

To “The Notorious Pig”

I certainly hope you are right. I only went with 2017 recruits coming, and present team’s roster leaving. What they have in store I do not know. I know those 3 big guys are hard to replace, and present players have a lot of improving to do if we are going to do better next year. I am concerned because here is a team that more likely is going to end near the bottom of SEC and we couldn’t stop them from scoring in the second half. Other opponents played them much better defense. To say we have no problems, is putting the blinders, so we don’t have to face reality.

Can you point me to anywhere that I posted that we have no problems in the post that I began with “I’m not here to tell you that our defense will be great”?

My only point is that we have given up tons of yards and points, so there’s nothing “blinder” like in thinking that some new players may fare better than departing ones who have not played particularly well for a defense that has in many respects been one of the worst we have ever had.

I expect Herman will be wearing burnt orange next year and will want Orlando to be as well. The teasippers will do whatever they have to in order to become relevant.

Sorry for misunderstanding. I was in no way referring to you as such. I was speaking in general terms of awareness of the problem. You have a point in that we may have some rid-shirts that I did not took into account. I hope my assessment is not as grim as it appeared to me. Maybe improvement, experience and some more talent give us better defense.

The defensive line recruits from last year will play. That’s McTelvin Agim (decent against Miss State), Austin Capps (playing now), Briston Guidry and Jonathan Marshall. Al four of those are very good. Randy Ramsey will continue to get more snaps at defensive end/linebacker. I think the linebacker play will be better next year. The four freshmen are all good players. I thought De’Jon Harris had his best game against Mississippi State. I think Harris and Greenlaw will be the starters next year at linebacker and there will be adequate depth with LaFrance, Walker and Jean-Baptist.

They must find a better way to pressure the passer. I think bringing safeties more is part of the answer. I do not ever see safeties in the blitz package. I do not know if that is what Bret Bielema was referencing after the game, but he did say the offseason would be dedicated to finding ways to bring pressure. That would be in the run game, too, if I was calling defense.

Clay, do you get the feel that Coach B will make a DC change after the season?

I doubt Clay will speculate on that. He still has to show up at the Frank Broyles center every week.

This is the problem I have with Robb Smith. He’s very vanilla and doesn’t try to do much to be disruptive–he generally expects the front 4 and an occasional LB to do that but has beaten gap control into their heads so much that they don’t get much push up front.

I’m not suggesting they blitz all the time but when a team like LSU is gouging you, anyway, I so no reason not to bring run blitzes and other pressures to overpopulated the box.

It beats sitting back and taking the torture that we’ve seen from AU and LSU.