A deep dive on the new grass field

Here is an in-depth look at the change to the grass field at Razorback Stadium: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … witch-bac/

Boy howdy, Curt Gowdy. That was one in depth article on growing grass!

Nice article Matt, sounds like that is going to be fun to monitor that during the 3 days of install.

Here is a video that gives you a visual of what the process of putting grass in DWRRS looks like. Doug Karcher at the UofA was very informative and I learned more about grass than I thought I ever needed to know.


I have one quibble here. Maland says in the story you can’t keep grass green in our climate in the winter.


The Packers do it, European soccer teams do it. Most places in Europe are colder than Fayetteville in the winter, and Green Bay definitely is. There’s some extra expense (grow lamps in use just about 24 hours a day, and the framework to support those lamps that has to be moved in and out of place) but it can be done.

Matt got to the roots, maybe below the roots! Good stuff.

Excellent article, I appreciate the detail in the info. Looking at the camera I could tell they were adding dirt, just didn’t know it was river bed sand.

There is really not a need to keep Bermuda green in winter. And I do not think the Packers have Bermuda.

Bermuda grass goes dormant after a killing frost and turns brown. They can dye the field green like they used to on occasion.

Remember why they put AstroTurf in RRS in 1969? Because we were playing Texas in December and they knew the grass would be brown for national TV.

I agree that there’s no need for green grass beyond the end of the season, which for us is mid-November since we only play Misery in WMS now. But that’s not what he said. He said it’s not possible to keep the grass green.

Justin said it wasn’t practical to keep the grass green year round. He did not say it wasn’t possible.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had fun researching it.

Lambeau has a bluegrass field.

You want to know what I thought was weird? The one time I visited the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium (several years ago) during the off season, the grass was all gone, it was just dirt. I was told that they completely replaced it every year. In Phoenix Arizona??? I couldn’t figure that one out.

I know some grasses do very well & stay green in very cold climates. Unfortunately, I’m afraid those same grasses don’t do well at all in an Arkansas summer. (And we can have summer like weather into October here.) I haven’t read the article yet, but I suspect the challenge is having a grass that can withstand the heat that will stay green through Thanksgiving & ice & cold.

It’s been years, but I understood they developed artificial turf for astrodome because grass wouldn’t grow (or at least stay alive) in doors. It was more than “being brown.”

As a side note, I remember going onto the field at the Liberty Bowl back in the late 60’s or so. The grass was green, but it had all been dyed or painted. Wasn’t natural. They just painted the bermuda.

I lived in El Paso for a little over three years and really missed green grass, it was too dry there for basically any grass except one well watered. I remember the Astrodome and it was the lack of sunshine there. Originally the ceiling panels were glass but the outfielders had a ton of trouble with the sunlight. So they painted the glass and the grass stopped growing. Thus, Astroturf. The nicer grasses do not fare well here in Georgia but Bermuda thrives.

The laws on water use in Arizona are tough. That’s why desert courses have what amounts to desert for rough. Two things will get you in the “rough” and that’s cactus and snakes.

No truer words spoken…

It’s not getting all that much sunshine with the roof closed at BOB or Chase Field or whatever they call it now.

I did some research. Lambeau Field has the Desso Grassmaster artificial matrix but their real stuff is Kentucky bluegrass, which is more cold tolerant than Bermuda. Nothing is tolerant to Green Bay weather without sun lamps, field heating and a lot of extra effort though.

Agree Matt.

It’s interesting reading about Justin in his role. Justin was younger than me but we have the same roots. Our dads were friends. I’m glad he’s doing well. Good family. Jerry played some ball.