Does anybody know if the new A.D. was at the game yesterday, and saw how great the crowd was.

Don’t know if he was there, but he was tweeting about the game and crowd. Someone replied to his tweet and told him to name the Court after Nolan and bring back the slobberin’ hog

That would be great on both accounts.

The AD being AWOL from the game had no effect! He should have been in attendance for the first big home game of his tenure. Sort of glad a crazy hollering hog fan had his seat! I would imagine the timing of him being hired and having kids in high school, college and making a move to the hill have his plate over loaded. Give him a break!

I saw him on the court afterward.

Yes Hunter was there. Was working the big booster room before, at halftime and afterwards. He has a big personality and knows what he’s doing.

Where did you get the idea he was AWOL from anything said in this thread?



He was at the game yesterday. He sat three rows in front of me in Section 136.

Hobnobbing with the big shots with that kind of game going on? Seriously!