A couple of weights

Landon Rogers weighed in at 218 the other day while Jashaud Stewart weighed 240.

Rogers was about 210 at Parkview and Stewart was 223 at Jonesboro.

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Based on his frame I think Rogers could end up at 230+ without slowing down enough to notice.

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If they slow down any then it’s not good weight. Speed is terribly important.

I remember John McDonnell telling me he cringed when he saw Cobbs, Talley, Batman lifting weight and adding bulk. He said, “They are big enough to play football.”

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I never understood why Nut had Cobbs get so much bigger and I also didn’t understand why NFL teams wants Matt Jones to gain weight and play tight end when he was plenty fast enough to play WR. I have never been a fan of adding weight just to be bigger.

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What about Soli ?

Chad’s days are over. Players will be getting bigger and stronger.

Talley and Batman carried the added weight okay. Cedric was never the same player.

I will go with John McDonnell. Talley gained weight and hurt his knee. Talley was better after losing a few pounds. John said Batman lost speed and quickness from his freshman season.

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Are you saying Talley wouldn’t have hurt his knee if he hadn’t gained weight.

Bat was a first round draft pick. Did the NFL take weight off him?

We want football players, not body builders.

I did not say that, but John McDonnell always pointed at weight gains and cringed. He said weight did not help any of those three. He thought weight hurt Lawrence Richardson, too.

Batman never played as well as some predicted. He sure gave up lot of PI penalties in college and NFL.

He seemed to run his fastest early in his time at Arkansas.

Wow. Those were the days we were actually competitive in football.

Good lineman makes a difference.

I’ll throw another in here. Malik Hornsby weighs about 195 now. He was 178 on his official visit.

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No one’s weight peaks when they are 18 years old.

Obviously, they are going to gain muscle and weight when the get on high protein diets and strength training.

I have to believe our guys are now putting on “Good Weight” like they did when we had good teams.

Thanks for the updates, Richard. They are encouraging.

So true! Many players get bigger and faster over their 4-5 years jn college. However I think Coach McDonald was on to something. A skill position player should not be doing the same routine with weights that an O-lineman does.Bulk does slow you down. The skill position guys should not be sacrificing speed, agility and flexibility to get bigger.

Do you remember Godfrey Siamusiye?

He was an All American distance runner for UA in the late 90’s.

Clay or someone once did a piece on him explaining how he kept the weight off to maintain his speed. He worked on McDonnell’s farm all summer, going hours without eating in the hot sun.

It worked out great for McDonnell, Siamasiue, and Razorback Track and Cross Country.

I’m not very bright, but I don’t think that is a recipe for success in football.

Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t gain weight for football, but it is important to add muscle in the right places.

I think I mentioned “Good Weight” earlier.

No one ever described Batman, Talley or Richardson as being fat at the time.

Amazing how this stuff often comes up years later.