A couple of thoughts about yesterday....

  1. The Razorbacks of the 60’s would have never put out the kind of effort that was displayed yesterday. They played with pride and desire because they were among the best in college football. Another reason was they would have had to face Wilson Matthews had they dragged ass around like they did yesterday. Nobody wanted to face him. They respected him, and they were also scared of him. I wonder if this staff has a coach like that…someone who the players respect and fear so much they refuse to give less than their best?

  2. John Stephen Jones impressed me the few plays he was out there. He is quick, nimble and has a pretty good arm. Why not let Noland and Jones play the entire game against Missouri? That would be fun for them and for us fans.

Noland needs to get back out there for sure. He looked like a deer in the headlights at times against MSU’s very tough defense, and he needs to get more reps against guys wearing different uniforms as a prelude to spring ball. I think it’s important to see if he comes back and plays a little better against Mizzou. I would also like to see Jones get some more reps.

The game Friday needs to both a time for experimenting with younger players and a chance for CM to signal to the guys who(maybe) are coming back that things are going to be different from this point on, whether we win or lose. It would be great to win the game but I mainly want to see some groundwork for the spring and the 2019 season, both in play and attitude.

The Missouri game will be another country whipping! No chance for this team at all!
Let the young players get some reps and flush this season down the toilet. It’s disappointing to get beat and it’s a shame to show up and play like you don’t care! The players that don’t give it their all need to be sent packing! UAB rebuilt and they are wining. They started all over just a few years ago. That’s what this staff has in front of them.