A couple of things...

  1. I hope the injuries to Cantrell, Cornelius, and Richardson are not serious. We need all hands on deck as we head to TCU Saturday.

  2. Devwah Whaley: I know I have seen reports that he did not play much due to a sore shoulder. I hope that this is true, and the coaches were more or less keeping him healthy for TCU and the upcoming games. Reason: I love both Rawleigh Williams and Kody Walker. They both run the ball hard and are workhorses. This is not an indictment of them. I’m so happy to see RWIII back on the field. However, neither of these backs has the burst or lateral moves needed to hit big plays. We need an explosive back for a change of pace. I hope it is Whaley. If not, I’d like to see TJ Hammonds get a shot. We need a big play threat. Especially down the stretch. I also understand that there are other things to consider such as pass protection and picking up blitzes by the RBs that the inexperienced RBs may struggle with. We just need that lightning bolt to go with our thunder.

Health was not an issue with Whaley per CBB - he is 100%.

I think RWIII has plenty of burst/speed, but I agree he is not elusive in terms of lateral movement like a Alex Collins.

Interesting. I had seen a tweet by Dudley that said he had been nursing a sore shoulder and that was likely the reason he had not entered the game until middle of 2nd quarter. I had not seen anything since then. I now see where Bielema said after the game Devwah should have gotten more carries.

One question about freshmen running backs is how well do they block, and can they pick up a blitz? You can’t give a RB the ball each time he comes in the game. He must be able to block.

I’m not saying that Devwah is not able to block, just that he might not be fully ready to pick up all of the defensive schemes.