A couple of soccer items

Anna Podojil is the national player of the week after her big performance at Kentucky.

Arkansas moved into the top 10 this week, setting up the first-ever top-10 matchup in Fayetteville this weekend vs. No. 5 Texas A&M.

Basically, UA Athletics is good in everything except Football. :sunglasses:


We seem to be approaching the point that UA Athletics are EXCELLENT in everything except football. If our basketball team will be as good as I expect (top 20 at least), we will have a lot of ranked teams in these upcoming 2020-21 seasons.

Women’s T&F&CC - #1 or 2 Nationally
Men’s TG&F&CC - top 10
Baseball - top 10
Soccer - top 10
Softball - ranked
Women’s basketball ranked (could be top 10-15 this year)
Men’s and women’s golf - always ranked (Women have been really good recently)
Men’s basketball - hopefully ranked

Football - UGH - tough to dig out of the cesspool we find ourselves in from the abysmal 0-fer Morris regime! We not only need a real coaching staff (I think we have that now), but may need the world’s best sports psychologists to help our poor players that went through those 2 years. We won’t get there quickly, but I’ll root them on as we keep improving.

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Even women’s swimming was ranked top 20 in one power rating I found from last December; of course they never got to have the NCAAs in March.

Tennis is our laggard sport other than football. Tennis rankings go top 50 and we weren’t in either the men’s or women’s top 50 last spring. Volleyball isn’t very good either.

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