A couple of records for Pinion


Lol! Go JP!

148 minutes without a TO isn’t bad. 7 for 7… meh.

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Tells me he didn’t play enough. Hope he comes back. We need guys like Pinion and Ford. Homegrown kids who will stick around long enough to ripen. Can’t turn your entire roster over every year.


Preach. The teams still alive have guys that have played together for awhile…not 1 and dones.
Hopefully, Muss starts to realize retaining some guys, and developing them, isn’t a bad thing.
After all, he did recruit them.


Pinion and Ford are both gonna be players their junior and senior years. Maybe even next year. Let’s hope its wearing a Hog uni. Pinion needs to improve his defense. But he is a FAR better athlete than some give him credit for being. He’s got size, and pretty good hops.
Just needs to ripen, as jeremy put it.


Agree on both. Ford is underrated as well.
Both of these young men could be huge in the next 3 years.

FWIW, Ernie Murray said on radio that Pinion should have played more.

When reminded that defense was his weakness, Murray said, the players we had on the court wasn’t stopping the other team either.

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Hey wait a minute Maestro, that ripening term was mine. LOL! I still don’t understand what happened with Dunning between the European vacation and the regular season. He looked like he had a real shot at the rotation, then wound up getting walk on minutes.

I’ve thought that all year

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